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Helmets Five helmets 1.0

2013 helmets

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    Five helmets - 2013 helmets

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  2. awsome ;) love the red bull/mercedes combination
  3. tnx:) glad you like it :)
  4. If i download mod for car or helmet for 2013 original game will then game normally work with a Multiplayer?
  5. Yes...for the helmets that we made yes. For cars yes only if the design changes. Mostly the items that are about the looks don't affect the online play. You can normal extract the helmets in the folder and play online. Every other driver will look the way that you have the helmets in your bespokehelmets folder
  6. Can i somehow add f1 2012 as original steam game if it's cracked
  7. NO. But you can wait...on steam there always a discount on everything. Maybe in the future 2012 will come. I did buy it in September on 75% discount. Maybe now that 2013 is out will be a discount again.
  8. And you have 2013 Can you tell me how to install it on steam because i'm going to buy it
  9. First you need to download and install steam. Then you have to registry. When you going to buy you need to set how you wanna pay. You can pay via paypal ore credit card....When you buy it, you just need to press the install button then the game downloads it self to a folder that you choose and you wait till the download is finish. Then you go to the game and click to play. And thats it. You can uninstall the game (you extract a mod and your not happy and you haven't made a backup). and go to steam and download it again. No one can take the game of you then.
  10. I'm going with CD
  11. I don't know how because the point of steam is to eliminate the CD's so that they don't take up the space and you don't throw them away later.
  12. But can i if i buy CD F1 2013 ONLY WRITE CODE WITHOUT INSERTING CD
  14. I don't know because when you download via steam..you don't get a CD and you don't get a code. The game is installed in the steam folder, and when you start the game, first it connects itself to steam and then steam starts the game so you don't need the code.

    I really don't know about the code when you buy a CD. Sorry...
  15. Those RB/Mercedes combo helmets fit perfectly for my current career driver and his background story.
  16. Im glad...if you need something more or less...fell free to contact me and i try to make it