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First Wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rokas Charlapavicius, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Hi All!

    I need your advice on what would a decent wheel to start with. I never had one, so I just want to hear your opinion about it. What would you suggest? It also should be quite economical (I'm not aiming for G25), but reliable just to begin with.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    P.S. Happy upcoming holidays.
  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
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  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
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    Even a Driving Force Pro will do, you can get those really cheap now
  4. Watch ebay, you would be surprised that you might actually be able to afford a G25 at some point :)
  5. Thank you all for suggestions, will look into it when holiday comes. I wish you all nice holidays. Xose, my budget is not clear yet but there should be a little income coming. It is christmas time, also my birthday is not very far away :D (not being greedy here).
  6. IMO, if you're moreso into sims, don't waste $50 on these cheapie wheels, products like G27 are in another league by every criteria, especially the pedals and paddle shifters, also the FFB is very good and with cars like GSC 88 F1 or 2007 F1 mod for GTR EVO, it's like you're driving a truck there's so much load at times......but I have nothing good to say about my old DFGT, other than I wasted $140 on it.

    That's not to say a DFGT is epic in games like Dirt2/D3 etc, it isn't, the G27 is one of the best products ever made IMO and also makes driving any game more fun and immersive, I'm very impressed that a piece of equipment like this exists for such a low cost.

    It's kinda like buying a 37/40in HDTV, it won't be long before you realize your mistake and get a 50-55in.
  7. He was trying to keep in budget of which we're not aware of just yet.
    (saying you're not in the market for a G25 could mean less than £150 at present)

    Also, if he were looking for a high-end product, a Fanatec set up would be far better than a logitech one, IMHO of course.
  8. For high end, a Frex would be better than fanatec IMHO :)
  9. Yes, but mainly the pedals unless you spend silly money.
  10. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor
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    Just to offer another opinion on the DFGT; (don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about this product) i've had mine for nearly two years now, and haven't had a single issue with it. It was my first wheel and it gave me a great and cheap introduction into the world of sim-racing, which is what i think Rokas is looking for. The two down-points of the wheel are the awful plastic pedals and the buttons that act as paddle shifters. What i did was purchase a set of Fanatec club-sport pedals and a set of add-on paddle shifters, (http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...ynamic-paddle-shifter-set-dps-200.45363/) and now i have a very good setup for simracing. There are also a lot of other guys at RD (quick ones too) who use the DFGT, but just like me they normally upgrade their pedals. (for example, i know that Ivo Simons & Dino Paolini use this wheel)

    One way to get around the poor default pedals of the DFGT is to insert a piece of foam under the brake pedal to offer some resistance, this should be enough to help you get a good feeling as you start to learn how to use a wheel & pedal set for the first time. (and it took me a month or so to really get the hang of it)

    So as a first-time wheel, the DFGT gets my recomendation. I still use it and see no reason to replace it in future unless it fails, which given its reliability so far, seems unlikely.

    Edit: I use the DFGT in rFactor, Race '07, GT Legends, F1 2011, Dirt 3 & RSRBR2012, and once you have the correct settings it works fine! (if you do get this wheel then feel free to PM me and i'll give you more hints on what settings i use)
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  11. I would go for the DFGT. Plenty of buttons, very cheap, and FFB comparable with all of the other Logitech wheels, if slightly lower quality gearing (i.e. noisier). The pedals are not fantastic, but they get the job done well enough and it is quite easy to upgrade pedals at a later date if you want to step your simracing up a notch, for which I would recommend CSP's.

    Hope that helps.
  12. I own or have tried every major racing title on the PC....I currently own...

    All of Simbin except GTR2 and WTCC2010.
    F1 2010/2011

    When I tried the Dirt2 demo with the DFGT, I thought nothing of it, but when I tried it with G27, I bought D2/D3, lol

    Like many of you, I went from KB-gamepad-DFGT-G27{or higher}.....and once you land at the quality level of G27 or higher, there's no turning back, especially if we're talking G27 vs DFGT, cause in my neck of the woods, it's like $150 vs $350.....so for just $200 more, you get an outstanding pedal set, and they feel unbreakable, plus there's no lateral movement in the pedals{unlike the rattlerly DFGT}.

    And unlike the DFGT, the G27 pedals are so well built, that I'd be surprised if anyone's pedal set is in anyway different, but it wouldn't surprise me if the DFGT sets have huge variances considering their cheap and nasty flimsy plastic construction and ridiculous spring.
    A fart could push the DFGT brake pedal down, but the G27 brake is quite heavy and ALL G27 pedals are beautifully precise.

    On DFGT both the brake and gas pedals load up, so it's very difficult to be precise, I beat my best DFGT time at Spa{driving F1 2007 mod for GTR EVO} in 4 laps, but it was all down to the superior gas pedal, as I hand't gotten used to the extra braking distance of the G27 and was constantly braking wayyyyyyyyyyyy too early, but still beat my time thanks to the precison of G27 gas pedal, say goodbye on/off DFGT switch.

    It just seems to me, that there's a number of factors required to improve your times and your consistency in sim racing, and a HUGE factor is mastering the pedals, now how does one master a DFGT set of pedals with on/off gas and brake lock ups thx to the cheap and nasty brake pedal....?

    That said, even in games like D2/3 where for me at least, it's more about fun, the G27 is still miles ahead, the pedals still feel heaps better, and I ended up buying D2/D3 cause my shoulders got sore after trying the D2 demo on G27, and my FFB isn't anywhere near maxed.....no such feeling from DFGT when I tried it.

    As for the paddles, they're extremely good, they have a nice positive click and feel bulletproof as well.
    G27 also has a leather wrapped wheel, but DFGT is all hard plastic....ha!!, they really made the DFGT a budget POS, hard plastic to hold whilst trying to drive for hrs at a time.

    Another thing about G27 wheel/FFB, it that it's very smooth and precise no matter which car you drive and feels better the faster you go, in fact I used to dislike RACEON's US muscle cars with DFGT, but now that I'm about 2.5seconds a lap quicker at Laguna Seca, I've found them to be one of my fav vehicles.

    I don't use the clutch, but hey it's there if you want it, but the paddles are so good, it's hard to care about 6 speed shifter.

    As I've said before, if you deem yourself to be a competitive person, start with a G27, but even if you're not, treat yourself to a G27 as it's IMO, one of the greatest devices ever made, it really is, I mean, I can't think of anything I can do to PC gaming that's better than a HQ wheel.
  13. I agree, it's very cheap for a reason, everything about it is a downgrade.
    Btw, I have both a DFGT and G27, and G27's FFB is much better, you may not notice it just doing one lap with each, but as your lap times build, the smoothness and precision of G27 kicks in vs the clunkyness of DFGT{yuck}.
  14. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor
    Premium Member

    I don't think anyone's arguing that the G27 isn't a better wheel/pedal combo, but Rokas was asking which wheel is good to begin with, and most importantly, which wheel is good value for money- as he explains in his post that he can't afford a G25/G27 at the moment.
  15. He might not be aware of the quality gap between each product........had I been aware, I'd never have wasted money and time on junk like DFGT and their kind.
    Other people will also read this thread and can learn of my contempt for DFGT's, LOL.
  16. Yes David, you have made it clear in this and other threads your contempt for the lesser wheels out there. However, you fail to get the point that some people just can't justify spending more than $100 or so on a wheel. Given the limited amount of money that is available for the purchase, the G27 is way out of the question. This leaves us with the OP's question of which wheel would be best in the limited price range available.

    The answer to that is most likely going to be the DFGT as much as you hate it. One option that I would suggest as an add-on for the DFGT would be Leo Bodnar's USB adapter for the pedals. This adapter will increase the sensitivity of the pedals quite a bit and make them a bit more precise.
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  17. As long as people understand that you get what u pay for then I'm happy.
    Anyway, anyone who buys a DFGT will peak at some point, but I'm still finding time with G27.
  18. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor
    Premium Member

    Lol, i must've reached my peak a while ago since i've used the DFGT for nearly 2 years now! Some people still use very old wheels with no ffb and are still mightily quick, so for a beginner the DFGT is fine. I guess it's all about what you do with the kit you've got. Anyway, good luck to you Rokas, hope you find something you like!
  19. IMO it would make more sense to actually upgrade the pedals. An increase in sensitivity has some benefits but still fails to fix the main problems of the DFGT pedals. The resistance of the pedals is too weak to be honest, and the fact that it is only a two pedal system can also be limiting once you really get into simracing, unless you prefer modern single seaters. With the CSR-Elite pedals you can get a three pedal system w/load cell braking for £120.

    If anyone is thinking of upgrading from DFGT pedals can I recommend that you skip out on G25/G27 pedals and go straight to a load cell-based system, be it CSP's, CSR's, CST's (just noticed a theme here :), or even something homebrewed like Niel's setup. To get a level of braking stiffness required to replicate most current race cars, upwards of 50kg, it will be more economical to build your own.
  20. I agree entirely about upgrading to CSP's or other high end pedals, but if the money isn't there, the price of the USB adapter will at least help you be more consistent than the standard pedals alone. The pedal stiffness can be fixed by finding higher tension springs for the pedals, but with them being plastic I wouldn't trust them not to weaken and possibly break after a while using a bigger spring.