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[First try] 1991 Honda CRX (juiced 2 model)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Pedro_Takumi, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Konichiwa to all
    well i decided to make my first attempt in creating a car and since i don't know how to model and i barely started to use Zmodeler i first started by getting a game, then i search for parts all over the place i found some good ones, for release i know i need to ask for permission but i will start first by making the car and then take care of the rest

    well this is what i have now i will need a lot of help from you guys since i know zero about racer and Zmod

    first the car:

    Now the parts i gathered and i selected for use:


    sorry about the quality of the images but rush was the theme of the day

    do you think its "make able"?

    Special thanks for:
    -Boomer for helping with Sugo Track
    -AMGfan for making the original CRX
  2. Car looks good, you don't have to put a lot of detail partsinto it but it doesn't hurt to do so.

    I never figured out how to use Z-Mod. I only use it to convert dof's to .3ds files for the Blender 3D graphics program I use.

    Keep going.
  3. do you think its better to use blender? im having some trouble with Zmod, for example, you want to move the license plate to the front of the car but most of the times it doesn't move the plate it self but the plate axles which is a bit odd. im gonna try installing blender later on to try continue the project
    i only have car model and all the parts separated from it, i think my next step is assemble all together except brakes and steering wheel (i noticed racer needs them separated from body.dof)

    Thanks boomer :D:D
  4. Try to press select on the material box on the low right corner of zmod!

    Also, take a look at this! :wink:

  5. thanks Splash, im gonna read it them, now im gonna progress faster with the help from you guys:D:D

    i see what you mean, at least one of my problem's, textures and exported model not appearing it helps.
    im gonna restart from step one and do everything in other to complete this. :D shaders help too, fantastic stuff thanks :redface:
  6. [​IMG]

    i have several news about this, the help provided by boomer and Splashonda HELPED ALOT. so this is a small update to tell that this project is alive and kicking but since i dont know what the moderators decide about a new forum i will leave the detail to a minimum but i will be making a Stock version and a tuned version ( a digital model of my real CRX project has i imagined it)

    update foto [​IMG]
  7. Blender is up to version 2.59 I think but I use version 2.45 as I have a dof exporter for that version which also works on ver 2.48 & 2.49. The dof exporter works very well and the dof's are ready for racer car/track.

    Blender is a litlle hard to get used to working with but I it's free.
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  8. Konichiwa boomer
    thanks for the help, i downloaded the 2.49b from the site and got a exporter from racer site but i dont know if its the same you use.
    From the car point of view my biggest delay is the materials and parts, i used a GTA model with the idea of sparing time from converting directly from juiced 2. well bad ideia the materials in car are all messed up and i have been fixing them one by one.
    From parts perspective, i got everything i need, most from juiced 2, already with textures and everything.
    that version i showed was just a small test i made yesterday, it doesn't have all the parts i want to add but gives the general visual feeling i want to deliver in all my Hondas
    by biggest problems now are:
    -making a shader
    -car ini i wanted to ask permition from AMGfan
    -parts position----> chassis height and wheel, they are all wrong
    and im still using Zmod :S

    im gonna give you a link for the "lambo files" for the crx, feel free to comment, to all (make a backup of the lambo)
  9. I'm using 2.57 and the exporter works there as well, although the error messages are not that helpful, and it's only as a script, couldn't get it as a menu option.
  10. well, there are small news to this but i will post more 2 pics right now

    this project will be divided in two final versions
    --------The OEM version-------------------------:D:D
    -Stock model
    -Stock rims
    -koni suspension which i managed to get from another game
    -domo kun in interior
    - jdm license plate
    - toyo tyres
    - stock muffler
    -brake calipers and rotors

    ------Tuned version------------:D:D
    -basics from the upper version
    - j racing hook
    - new seats
    - shift knob
    - strut bar
    - suspension and brakes the same model as above
    -takata seatbelts
    - new rims plus toyos
    -apexi tacho and fc controler
    - maybe kenwood radio model i found

    well this is the basic part list to consider the model done.
    its current status:
    -fixing all materials and separating all parts, and adding a few ones
    but we will get it done i hope

    i tryed to put it in game with cg in the lambo file but it appears always dark, can someone help me with that? i dont know what it means:(:(

  11. Appears to be in a shadow, no sun hitting it. There are no shadows on the track from the tree or car. Try it on Carlswood.
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  12. can it be a problem with the model itself? i made a test, i puted the body.dof on the crx from AMGfan and the lambo, and they all share the same problem
    small update:
  13. thanks boomer, i found what was causing the problem, its the materials. they all have different names so the game doesn't know how to apply them, I'm remaking them and cleaning the car up
  14. Good job . ^^ Keep going.
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  15. You have to write a car.shd! Use one from another car (CG, preferably) and edit it according to my tutorial! :)
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  16. Thanks Raphael, if anyone needs any part separately i'm happy to upload referencing source obviously, they are modified by me but most of them weren't originally made by me, like the toyo tires
    thanks splash, i read your tutorial yesterday and i managed at least to see things, i modified somethings to see what changed, now my current goal is to fix all the materials to re-write a half new CG because the car had at least 20 materials not being used ( a mess)

    can i ask a question about your tutorial? it doesn't explain how do i center correctly the wheels. it says whats needed but i cant figure the way to do it correctly, i centered a test file via eye:D
  17. greats news guys, i didn't know if i could make it but i have new parts added to the car
    -my modified koni suspension (original parts from a fella named MisterSir, Street legal racing game)
    -domo kun (domo kun originally made by DK from japan which i modified)
    -endless brake system (hybrid from parts i found on the net which i putted together)
    as i once said i ill recapitulate, original parts made from scratch aren't made by me, they have authors and i will credit them all

  18. If you open your .dof with modeler.exe, in the Racer folder, there's a "Center to origin" button. Then you just export the dof to save it centered.
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  19. Thanks Stereo, tried it and it solved a butch of problems, last time i opened it i must did something wrong, i made a test file and it had everything centered, I'm gonna keep updating the base with the missing parts and them applied what you guys told me one more time
    Thanks :D:D
  20. For Racer cars the tires/wheels are made in your 3D graphics program centered at 0,0,0. Then located with the car.ini file. Look at another car.ini for guidance.