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First time visitor to Hungary - any advice?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by robmcm, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone.

    My wife and I are off to the Hungaroring for our first Grand Prix visit this year. We're very excited! However, does anyone have any valuable advice for us to know about (such as best way to get there, options for radio/commentary access, etc etc). We are currently clueless so every little helps!

  2. Dux


    Yeah :D i might use them well, since, i am about to go also, not first time this year but first time ever. I've never been on Formula 1, and it was like i would never go on one GP.

    I wanted since 2003-4 ... since i am watching from 98, i wanted to see Schumacher, but he is now gone...but there is Vettel :D

    So ... as robmcm wrote, any experience shared would be great

  3. That depends on the direction you'll be coming from, doesn't it? ;)
  4. Dux


    ill have general admission pass, 90 euros, and by the experience of the people i know who were there they say they can go wherever they want to with that pass except the pit of course

  5. From Budapest, surprisingly.
  6. Sit on the grass, or don't sit at all.