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First time race/modder no mods in-game?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by RobertLidstroem, May 3, 2014.

  1. Hi people!

    I got lured into getting rFactor 2 and bought a oneyearversion. So i get some mods from the official webpage, i use the mod manager to install them and everything looks fine, i installed the Megane-mod, Clio-mod the formula 3,5 mod.

    Get ingame to try them out, still only that demo Honda Civic series to play?

    Any ideas, been reading a modinstaller-guide but none the wiser...
  2. Maybe you have the honda at Silverstone mod selected.

    Click on series: and select all mods.


    rFactor2 makes use of little mod-files: it's a file that combines cars with tracks. that file is only needed for online play.
    You can uninstall those little mod-files in the mod manager.

    in top of the mod manager there are 2 tick boxes. "components" and "mod".
    "Component" = the content. Cars and tracks.
    "Mod" are these little files. you can uninstall/delete them.

    Mod files are automatically downloaded of you join a server. I always delete them after the online session.
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  3. Wow, excellent reply! Will give it a shot later on! But one more question:

    Is the mods i downloaded only for online use? Clio, Megane and Formula 3.5? It says nothing about it in the descriptions?

    Kind regards

  4. The clio, Megane, etc... is content. You can use them offline.

    A mod file links content together.
    A mod file has to be created by one who want to host an online server.
    Example: Megane and clio on silverstone and malaysia.
    If a client joins that server he downloads that mod file. And can choose only those cars. And drive them on those tracks on the server.

    You can select the mod offline for practice that "series". But i never do this. I always delete those mod files after a online session.

    You don't need any mod files to play offline.
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  5. BTW: if you want to select a car or a track:

    By default the rFactor2 UI (User Interface) is set to "spinner view." This makes you go through all cars and and leveries. if you have +100 cars with each 5 leveries, you'll have to "spin" through 500 cars to find your car you want to drive.

    Click on "list view" on top off your screen.

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  6. Once you have a car and track selected and you click on race.
    You"ll probably start with a "green" track. A track with no rubber build up.
    And it's frustrating to drive on a green track.

    If you are in a practice session with AI. press "ctrl-X" this speeds up time. Let the AI rubber in the track for a couple of minutes. press "ctrl-X" again to stop the time acceleration. Unless your are an :alien:. :roflmao:

    An other useful hot key is "ctrl-F" it display's your FPS. A nice feature to monitor your graphic settings.

    All these things: confusing mod/content files, the default spinner view, a green track, to high graphic settings by default makes rFactor2 not the sim that shines at first sight for most people.

    But rFactor2's beauty lays within the dynamic road surface, dynamic weather, day night transition. All those things gives you a realistic race experience. Especially with longer racing stints. You can wear down your tires in a couple of laps due to spins or pushing the car to hard. Or you can do a 1 hour stint with the tires. So no hot lapping pace in a race situation.
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  7. Wow, Gijs! Now here's a forum-PRO! Thank you so much! Just these little things are annoying the crap out of me! :D Excellent reply and brilliant help! Thank you very much!