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First Safety Car

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jay Jones, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I just got my first safety car eveer. On Monaco, Hamilton messed up going into the pits and blocked the pitlane off just as i enetered. Then as im pitting, Safety Car has been deployed. I come out in 3rd. Massively lucky, then traffic ahead, i managed to take the lead from the redbulls. So i went to see the Race Director to try to determine everyones strategy, and i saw Trulli got a drive through for performing an Illegall Overtake.

    I thought id say this becasue im thrilled with F1 2011, be sure to post your 1st safety Car experience in here (Bad spelling as im quicy typing)
  2. I had one on my first career race, but as I had literally played for about an hour and was still getting used to the handling, I was so far behind that I never even caught up to it having dived into the pits when it emerged.

    I tried online for the first time this afternoon, and got the safety car at Monza. I was 8th in the train (again, I pitted) and when the SC went in, I was able to jump a couple of places. I think it was a combination of good luck, and poor reactions from the guys I mugged. I was expecting the autobrake thing to make it difficult, but I just dropped back a bit on the way round the Curva Parabolica then floored it on the way out and got lucky.
  3. My first safety car experience was me ramming a bunch of guys in the first corner on Grand Prix, just so I could experience the safety car. Does that count?

    I'll update this thread again if and when I get a genuine safety car experience!
  4. My first experience was, I was playing around behind the safety car and suddenly my car turned into a ghost(forgot the reason why) and 2 cars pass me.. I lost 2 position behind the safety car and I cannot get it back because the system wont allow me to overtake.

    what a bug...

    yet I'm happy the SC is in the game :)
  5. That's not a bug - If you're holding up the "train", you are ghosted and that allows the other cars to move up to where you were - It's a punishment for holding up the other cars.
  6. i have tried to get a safet ycar by hitting or blocking the other cars etc, I've had no luck so far.
  7. It gives you a warning before it ghosts you though - at least I've been warned anyway, and always had time to pick up the pace before it does it.
  8. I was running 4th at Melbourne on lap 4/12 when I caused an accident (not on purpose) and lost my front wing, 2 other cars got caught up in it and safety car was deployed. I limped to the pits and ended up 16th when I joined the queue again, the very next lap some cars infront pitted in and I suddenly found myself 9th. I was thinking bonus free pit stop. Engineer told me I had no more scheduled stops and I was on new primes till the end. Got up to 3rd and on penultimate lap 1st and 2nd cars pitted in, result I ended up leading into the last lap. Poised to cross the line victorious, I overcooked it on turn 8 and spun off. Unfortunately the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place man got passed me and I eventually finished 4th. Not the win I was hoping for but a brilliant race experience all the same.