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First Patch will be released soon!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by GTA Realizzer, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. As I just saw at the official CM-Forum, the first patch will be released soon.
    It looks like, the patch is ready, but Microsoft has to check before release...just as always.

    The team was working on the game during the release...that sounds good.

    Hopefully, the patch will make the game a whole lot better. Sorry, Scott, forgot the link!

    GTA Realizzer
  2. would have been nice for the link, but i'll hand it over to the rest here.


  3. Or break more stuff. Oh im such a pessimist! :D

    Eitherway, good news indeed. We should throw it a party, as its probably the only patch we will see for 2011 :)
  4. Good news! Can't wait to try game again! I stopped it by savegame bug and crash to desktop bug!
  5. @skyline86: Can really understand you, savegame bug just caught me for the first time so far, already did a few GP's and 2 races in career, now it's over. I will wait for the beginning of a new career until the patch hopefully fix this.
  6. +1 we only saw 1 patch for F1 2010, oh wait that was only a fix for the puddle issue.... they classed it as a patch when it was 2-3 lines.
  7. Maybe we can trust their promise for this years game, that they will REALLY support it after they got the money from the people:cool:. I honestly think, that otherwise a 2012 game would not sell that good. People/Buyers do mistakes, but not all of them will do that twice!
  8. if it is the same patch already posted to ps3, i believe it will not solve most of the issues that we're experiencing. and i believe there'll be a second patch this time, some major bugs need to be adressed again.
  9. Can you tell something about the fixes in PS3-Patch, as it already has been released?
  10. LOL
  11. We'll see more than one patch this year. A patch so close to the release date means they have been aware of issues before the game was even released. The bugs that have come up since release will be patched in a month or two.
  12. Yikes! I hope you're wrong. It would be nice if someone could list any fixes in the ps3 patch that's already released. All I really care about is the Co-Op Championship AI difficulty fix though. Can anyone confirm that works now? Or can anyone confirm it's simply inverted meaning if you put it on amatuer the AI races on legendary? If it takes 2 months to fix the online Co-Op AI on the PS3 I will be so frustrated.
  13. The PS3 patch was the 1.01 patch?
  14. Did they release any patch notes for ps3 1.01? I didn't see any.
  15. ^ I want to see that patch note aswell... I hope they will release it soon.
  16. I hope they are not talking about the 1.01 PS3 patch. Not sure what it fixed, but I know what it did not fix.
  17. Don't expect ai difficulty, agression, rain and other stuff in the patch, they don't care about this. They will try to fix only major problems like savegame corruprion, invisible walls, and stuff like that. So nothing to wait here i believe.
  18. I have some bugs i saw in some game mods , such as DRS vanished from your screen and you can't activate that , only The KERS in the red colour is there , and it's just annoying , altough i have noticed that if i choose another car in another session it's fixed itself somehow.. :( and about game stuttering problems , i changed my graphic card to something much decent like ati sapphire 5830 instead my leadtek 960 gso and there's not stuttering at all, including the replay file trick which you can change to read only.