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first iracing skin atempt.... help plz

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by ReaperNZ, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. I am trying to paint my first iracing skin & have dome everything they say on there forum but it still doesnt show up except i flattened the the image not merge , what is the difference & how do i merge?
  2. not sure exactly how you have created it but basically;

    1. Download the car template
    2. Paint the car in photoshop/paint.net/GIMP etc
    3. Save the file as a TGA file type (which should automatically flatten it)
    4. Name the file whatever your driver ID is (e.g. mine is 050318 so I called the file 050318)
    5. Save or copy/paste into you iracing folder (Documents/iracing/skins) <-- I think :tongue:
    6. Run iracing
    Your good to go :cool:

    Still need more help just post Ill be glad to help a fellow painter.
  3. Thx for reply Daniel but i did exactly that & iracing still show iracing skin & not my own.
  4. darn, cant think of anything then, is the number 6 digits, e.g. 012345 rather than 12345? Dont think it really matters but just something to try.

    Also maybe try this skin I made but change the name to your user ID and put in your Mazda MX-5 folder, see if it is just the way you are creating the paint.

  5. Are you talking about seeing the skin on track (replay) or on your dashboard? Custom skins are only visible in game (on track) you won't see them anywhere else in iRacing.
  6. Skins for the cars should be saved as a TGA here: C:\Users\(your windows login name)\Documents\iRacing\paint\cars\(the specific car)
  7. The other issue is that you may have your file extensions hidden. I fyou do so an rename the file 123456.tga, windows will sometimes rename it 123456.tge.tga. If this is the case then you'll need to change the name. To unhide the file extensions, it's somewhere up in the tools menu in explorer. Will dpend on which version of windows that you are running.
  8. Which car have you done the paint for?
    Which folder have you saved the 123456.tga file in?