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First impressions of online racing

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Donj77, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hi!

    I'm very new to online racing but not new to sims. Started from Amiga GP1 and still have GP4 installed (ah what a great game still with momo:).

    So few nights ago i got GTRe and decided to try online, what a joy! And I was afraid everybody is incredibly fast, thats not true. From 10 car grid you always find someone with equal speed.

    1) Almost all players in public servers seem to be very agressive. If I make a clean overtake, opponent many times tries some impossible maneuver next corner and we both end up in gravel.

    2) Also funny thing is the effect of pressure. Usually you just have to pressure your online friend a bit, he almost always makes a huge mistake at some point. Rewarding way to overtake! :)

    3) First corner mayhem. This I expected. 1-4 people usually screw it 10secs in to race. It took me about 4 races to learn how to avoid this. Sometimes you just cant.

    To my knowledge key is to be predictable and keep your line. That way faster car can make a clean pass and everybody is happy.

    Anyway my question is, how much cleaner is the racing in leagues? Are the rules enforced? What things are generally expected if you join a league? I was surprised how few people are online at a given point, is this expected to change?

    And please more people join public servers, it is great fun after you survive the first lap!
  2. First thing is to remember is that we all can make mistakes. I have and will do some more someday. There are drivers in RD WTCC league who are little too aggressive in my taste and they cause too many accidents...in my oppinion.
    Only way to control bad/over aggressive driving is to set strict rules and punishments of braking those rules. RD Leagues have rulebook and racedirector will review any incident report you send them and give punishment when its needed. One can always depate whats fair punishment in various situations. Should we make punishments more severe so that drivers who repeatedly cause havoc should learn to be more carefull...perhaps.

    You can have very clean and fun races when you are surrounded by right people. I had a two great races in RD WTCC league last night but it seems that in that same race some other drivers didnt have that luck.
    If I cause an accident that is clearly my fault I let the guy pass me, I say sorry after the race and I will report myself to RACEDIRECTORS.
    Online league races races can be great fun but sometimes bad things can occur. Just like in real life and real racing.

  3. True

    You are right we are all humans and make errors and i'm fine with that. Can't expect people to drive like old ladies. I'll try this public racing first to get some experience and join leagues later - it sounds interesting.
  4. Welcome Donj,

    Join the RaceDepartment Racing Club. This is not league racing but is held on passworded servers and the racing is as clean as we can make it. Tonight of the 20 drivers on the grid the qual time ranged from 1.36.6 to 1.42 so there was always someone to battle it out with :)

    Racing Club - RaceDepartment Forums

    see you on the track soon eh!!!
  5. Can't wait to try some private racing with you all, i just have to remember, the race isn't won on the first corner!
  6. online races

    I personally have had some great racing online and met some quality racers as well as some terrible experiences and bad behavior. I have found getting the best position for the start and being patient that you stay ahead of the craziness. I am really looking forward to being a member of RD so I can race in a clean environment. Marty
  7. My experience has been that the online racing is a bit better and cleaner than I experienced in gtr2. I've moved from novice to pro and that could be part of it.... not just every 10 year old is in the server crashing you in a blind turn... but I think the community is a bit more mature on average.

    Speaking to the league racing or even just club racing... when you are racing with the same bunch of guys over and over.... there tends to be some accountability. If you're the guy that always runs upon a guy in a turn and late breaks and takes people out.... it will become obvious because you'll repeatedly be called out.... That's why I say it's good from an accountability standpoint. I'll also say that the more you race with the same people, the more you learn/know their tendencies....

    Another thing to help along clean racing is the use of communication software like Ventrillo. If you're on coms.... not only are you even more accountable because people are putting a voice to a name AND they are hearing your misdeeds reported firsthand.

    Even more important is the active communication that you can have with your fellow drivers such as.... hey man I'm on your inside.... or (lapped traffic) I'll pass you on your left in the straight....

    I think these are the best online racing environments that can possibly exist taking into consideration the fact that IF I do crash my Audi, it's not going to cost me $100,000 to fix it like it would in real life.... In a video racing game, all that there is to deter wreckless driving is pride and the potentially shame of wrecking a fellow driver.
  8. You drive an audi keener? nice one!
  9. I do... but it's not the kind you drive in evo.
  10. I can hardly wait to get into private driving and off the public servers. Way too many first corner pileups. Feels like GTR2 a bit...but not that bad...yet.
  11. You might also consider getting rFactor then. There are some excellent F1 mods (F1 2007, F1 2005, F1 1979 etc.) available for it that we also run in the Racing Club. I was also a great fan of GP4 but after the rFactor F1 mods I never looked back! :D
    The F1 MMG mod is also in development for GTR Evo!
  12. I have not been online with Evo yet but have raced for years online with GPL GTR2