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First impressions after playing the game

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Johnson0311, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Well just finished my first race with Force India. Let me just say the new suspension system is a handful to get used to. I lost a front wing twice in practice. Lets just say if you activate DRS don't do it at a wrong spot or you'll pull a Maldonado and spin out.

    So far managing KERS and DRS is tricky in practice and qualy. At no point was I within a second in the race but I qualified 18th and finished 12th meeting my objective.

    The graphics don't appear that much better and the washout effect is kinda odd. Modders will fix that I'm sure fast enough.

    Career mode is now managed with a laptop and no more ugly lady... Helmets are going to have to be modded in again.

    No Senna for Renault.

    Fuel mixture is kind of a neat addition and my gas light came on during the second to last lap and I was not in a position to gain a position so I just turned it back to normal.

    Engineer seems like he barely talks at all now. To early to tell if this is good or bad. Seems like all sector times are good in qualy.

    Massa was pole along with Button and Petrov. Vettell was an embarrassing 14th.

    Any other questions let me know.

    Also I'm playing with 20%
  2. My first impressions (going to add on to your thread here):

    The car feels awesome! I feel like I have so much more control over it, like other reviewers have said, it's more bouncy and alive, you can THROW it into corners and still come out alive. It's probably not realistic, but first impressions are that the cars will be much more fun this year! It didn't take me too long to get up to speed at Monza in TT, but I'm sure I'll smash those times soon.

    KERS and DRS make a huge difference, I found that out right away in Time Trial where I ignored the advice and started using both right away - it takes a lot more concentration, but we'll get used to it. DRS was easy at Monza, harder in Montreal. You can definitely spin out if you do it too early there.

    I notice many little improvements in the menus and settings, more information in the car, but we knew that. Spectator mode in multiplayer is a great addition but the camera angle choices are horrible (no t-cam in spectator mode???).

    30% and 75% races are gone from the online options - that will disappoint and upset a few planned leagues.

    I don't have a computer with which to test the graphics. It seems a little slower on medium, but there may be other variables at play.

    That's all for now. It's late here. Have fun, guys!
  3. IDk what you guys are running it on, but on PC i set everything to ultra, and it benchmarked higher than 2010 did at the same track (this year the benchmark is Monaco).. I also didnt see any slow-downs or lag. Im running no aids and i will say that its a challenge, but a fun challenge at that. i did 3 quick races (3 laps each) and the different driver victory animations are a cool touch. oh and the McLaren is one shiny, shiny car (tho the skin needs to be re-done in HR).:cool:

    I did try to use a setup from 2010 in 2011, and there were some minor adjustments to the garage menu that have been made. Plus i found it to be a bit twitchy... but it could be just me.
  4. are there any new setup features or are they the same as in 'ten?
  5. no same features, the engine mapping has changed to reflect the mixtures, but the last setup option, for alignment - the number values have changed... thats all i remember off the top of my head.
  6. man. i was hoping for tire pressure. i think rosberg said an f1 driver can sense pressure differences of a half psi. seems kinda important. oh well. i shall own they game in about ten hours. after some sleep and four hours learning about dirt.
  7. Great improvement over 2010 so far as first release.
    Car Set up still the same, of course they took out the Ballast. Suspension...OMG please gusy dont ge tme started. As an F1 2010 vet with 400+ hours...im still spinning off my Force India on the most simple corners @ Melbourne. Its ridiculus...is going to take some time to get used to it. As far as set ups i mention this in a different Thread but just use whatever was confortable to you in 2010 and carry it over 2011. You might have to do a bit of tweaking since I personally noticed big diff in Super soft, soft and hard tyres.

    Started off on expert, so far its ok, AI is much better than 2010, but manually using KERS and DRS can be a bit of a handful at times, which causes me to loose some control and eventually spinning out. so Great game. Again...is not a sim, but the Codies say they wil "hopefully" add break bias changes during a race/lap in a future patch. They are still testing it to satify us. So far no Safety car ^^..but you can see it parked whenver you leave the pits.
  8. Agreed. Doesnt tyre pressure constitute around 50% of the cars overall suspension?
    Maybe its more like 49.9% so they rounded it down to 0% in the game.
  9. Is not a sim man. I agree with you and Bobby, but Codemasters isnt gonna go fully car geeked on their "games".
  10. woulda been nice to see, but it is what it is. i loved ten so if its an improvement then i'll be happy. im looking forward to seeing how much the drs and kers change breaking points. i'd imagine you'd need at least two different ones maybe three or four depending on which one or combo you use.
  11. Hehe, I know they have to strike a balance - its a ported console game so not designed to be a SIM - but simply leaving out 50% of a cars suspension system for a second year is a little deflating if you ask me.

    They could have done similar to what they do with fuel mixture. Just have 3 levels, a low, normal and high pressure option in the pits or something.
  12. Posted a Tread with a time trial video of Singapore, if you have to wait til Friday.
  13. yea i saw that. looks good. handling looks good. really fluid. i also like that you can actually see out of the mirrors now. luckily don't have to wait till friday, only for about six or seven hours.
  14. Ηello guys, thanks all of you for the reviews. Where did you bought it? I searched on steam but it's not yet released there. Can someone send me some info please? Thanks! :)
  15. i got mine on steam. tho if your not in the US, your out of luck until friday.
  16. Yeah I am at Europe, ok thanks!
  17. Fancy having a quick look at the G27 actionmap and telling me if its editable/written in english? I looked at my locked version in the Steam install and it was unreadable. Cheers in advance.
  18. so will vpn trick work again ?
  19. Paul, it opened up when I clicked it, so I am guessing yes. And it seems similar to the f1 2010 file.
  20. Thanks for that. It did open for me, but looked 'encrypted' and was all symbolic. Just making sure it was due to the game being locked - thanks again Eric.