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first car's

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by gampla, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. can some one help me as i havent decided on what car i should get can you post the spec as well as benchmark stuff

    thanks in advance

    just a reminder of what they are

    2011 vauxhall agila
    2011 volkswagen fox
    2011 toyota aygo
    2011 ford ka
    2011 citroen c1
    2011 nissan micra
    2011 chevrolet spark
  2. All of them are maxed out in their class when you choose one...

    I personally took the Spark which I downgraded and upgraded again but to my liking :)
  3. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    I started with the Ford Ka.
  4. so if i chose the spark and let say the 0-60 in 15 sec and i raced a ford ka 0- 60 of 25 sec the spark will become 0-60 in 25 secs
  5. No... All of them STOCK are between F100 and F105 I think...

    When you choose a car at the start (Or when you choose one as a reward on leveling) it is automatically upgraded by the game to the max of the class, F200 (or F199) for your first car... ALL of them are pretty much equal really, there's no car substantially faster than the other...

    What I did, and that explains why I chose the Spark, was to take a car from my favorite available car brand :)
  6. I went with the C1.

    I began noticing that they all seemed fully maxed for their respective class, as even changing the wheel rims for a miserly small increase took the car in to the next class, lol.
  7. Mike Bell

    Mike Bell
    One-time RDTCC Race Winner Premium

    i personally took the VW fox (beacuse top gear played football with it) :p
  8. i started with the ka, good little car to start off with
  9. that’s why I asked for car specs like:
    top speed

    bench mark
    0-60 (s)
    0-100 (s)
    top speed
  10. I started with the Ford Ka. To be honest it doesn't matter to much as you get cars gifted to you so quickly through levelling up. Within a couple of hours you'll have about 15 cars. I wouldn't worry about buying cars until your at least Driver Level 30, you'll have a good chuck of money and be able to get pretty much any car you want.
  11. im not buying as the title says first car not buying car
  12. Like I said it doesn't matter because you'll probably be using a different car 3 races later. All the Season Play races are tailored to what cars you have in your garage, so whether you choose the Ford Ka or the Chevy Spark, it will be competitive for the races it is eligible for.

    The stuff about buying cars is just extra guidance seeing as your just starting the game.

    Not sure if you have an FM3 save but you'll have cars gifted to you if you did.
  13. OMG !!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I'll be more clear now as I think you only read what you want to...

    The cars are ALL EQUAL !
  14. Seeing as you appear to have some anal fixation with what each car can do, prior to selecting it, this should help.

    Chevrolet Spark F116 speed 3.0 handling 4.1 acceleration 3.5 launch 3.7 brakes 4.0
    Citroen C1 F101 speed 3.0 handling 4.2 acceleration 3.3 launch 3.8 brakes 4.2
    Ford Ka F100 speed 3.0 handling 4.4 acceleration 3.0 launch 3.2 brakes 4.4
    Nissan Micra F121 speed 3.0 handling 4.5 acceleration 3.2 launch 3.4 brakes 4.4
    Peugeot 107 F102 speed 3.0 handling 4.3 acceleration 3.3 launch 3.7 brakes 4.3
    Toyota Aygo F100 speed 3.0 handling 4.3 acceleration 3.1 launch 3.4 brakes 4.3
    Vauxhall Agila F121 speed 3.0 handling 4.3 acceleration 3.4 launch 3.6 brakes 4.3
    Volkswagen Fox F101 speed 3.0 handling 4.2 acceleration 3.1 launch 3.3 brakes 4.1

    Amazing what a bit of searchng can find, as this was ripped straight from the Forza 4 forums @ Forzamotorsport.net