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Firefox Problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ryan Callan, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Every time I go to search a forum (on any site), I get the message 'you must wait x seconds between searches'. If I wait until that time expires then it is usually ok. But it's highly annoying!

    I tried it on IE8 and it doesn't happen - now I don't want to move to IE as I have my Firefox nicely setup and customised, but does anyone have a solution for this?
  2. The 'x' amount of time to wait between searches is a common feature on forums and sites, to stop bots abusing the search form, they usually detect your ip address and/or session length to determine how long has passed between your search.

    I'm not aware of why there should be any differences between browsers when it comes to this, as this is server side, and not client side. However, one question, are you logged in on both browsers or not logged in on ie? Or tried 2 searches in ie and not firefox and then ie?
  3. I know the time limit is to stop server overload - but I get it straight away. I tried both ways. Logged in on both, logged off on one. IE doesn't do it but Firefox does :(
  4. Are you doing a new search or just refreshing the page? If you refresh then IE is probably just loading a cached version and not actually making the request to the server. Pressing the back button and then searching again straight away brings up the message for me.

    edit: actually refreshing the page should never cause it to give that message because it uses a search id to store the results so it's not doing the search twice..
  5. Not even doing a 'new' search. Does it the first time I click it, even if I haven't been on the site in hours.....
  6. that does sound weird... you're not using any kind of web accelerator extension or pre-caching maybe?
  7. Nope nope :(
  8. Maybe try backing up your settings (I use MozBackup) uninstall and then download the current version of FF and do a fresh install, and try it before you import you bookmarks, cookies etc... from backup.

    Another option might be to check out Chrome. I've been using for about a month after using Firefox for years and am liking it...very clean and simple interface.
  9. Yep it's a problem with one of my extensions. Will have to do a fresh re-install completely
  10. Fixeded :)