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Tracks Fiorano-Ferrari Test Track 2016-10-07

Fiorano, Ferrari's private test track in Maranello.

  1. MustartMatters submitted a new resource:

    Fiorano-Ferrari Test Track - Fiorano, Ferrari's private test track in Maranello.

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  2. Unfortunately the textures and the track environment would need a lot of work. It's not on par with high level tracks standars.

    Look at the video of Ferrari Virttual Academy (by Kunos).

    Perhaps importing that track into AC... :cool:
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2017
  3. No idea how to do that
  4. Look @MustartMatters
    I managed to open the FVA Fiorano track using 3DSimED31

    I link you the track folder of FVA.

    You download the 3d editor and open the track file.
    You can export it in several formats: fbx and kn5 as well, exporting also objects and/or textures.
    I never made 3D editing and stuff, so I don't know how to start.
    But I guess you are good to go, for sure you can do a better job.

    I texted Tiago Lima, since he's a hell of a track maker.
    But honestly I don't know if he's willing to do this job or got elso to do.

    For sure now we have materials to have a perfect Fiorano track ;)
  5. I'm still wondering why Kunos did not bundled an updated version of this nice track in AC. :confused:
  6. It was because of copyright stuff as far as i remember.
    That´s also why no serious modder touches this thing, which is really a pitty.