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Tracks Finnish Tracks

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Kimmo Kokkonen, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Nothing forget....sorry!
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  2. RaceWasGood


    Can't forget :) Do these tracks exist for AC?
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  3. Eero o you bad boy...it was your decision :)
    Oh, sorry I misunderstand Eero o. and his funny rating (later he removed it, thanks Eero), maybe I was too funny.

    So I decided to convert and release these tracks to AC also as I finally find very good Wheel setup and now this sim is better than any other, sorry about my earlier comments about AC but it wasn't so big pleasure to drive it with incorrect wheel settings and there was more personal issues also...AC is very good.

    So these following are the tracks I own and I can convert and then share with you if you want. Keimola is not my track but I have permission to convert it in any game.

    Sorry about video quality, recorded 6 years ago with free video recorder...




    And maybe my first BTB project Seinäjoki also (this is never released anywhere except for private use)


    As mentioned so I also have permissions for Keimola conversions so that would be one more if it's not yet converted...

    Note that I don't have any deadlines but I will start working with these asap, never converted AC track so there could be some issues no matter how experienced modder I am., let's see.

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  4. RaceWasGood


    Hats off to you sir, that's awesome! I would love to be able to drive on those tracks in AC some day. All the best of luck to your project! Looking forward to hear how everything works out.
  5. Yes please!!!:)
  6. Great Kimmo!!
  7. That would be totally awsum, maybe even splendid. Totally support idea to convert more FInnish tracks to these newer sims.
  8. Ahvenisto, Alastaro and Motopark would be fantastic for IRL Race car drivers :)
    Where I can donate little sum of money for this fantastic job :)
  9. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    Good to hear you changed your opinion on the game :)
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  10. I've seen couple of times at AC forum some finnish guy mentioning he's making a Legends cars mod, nothing official yet tho. Doesn't legends cars race at all of those tracks, except Keimola obviously? So if/when these tracks will be out it will be cool to be able to run some SM-sarja simulations with legends.
  11. Heikki Tyni

    Heikki Tyni

    And the Kemora track !
  12. Good lord....I forgot how GTR2 was ugly...
    And to think I wanted to reinstall it just to "test" and see if it still holds up compared to Assetto... lol
  13. Ugly and Ugly, of course it's 10 years old game and all stuff you see on those videos made by modder so tracks and cars not so well detailed as possible in GTR2.

    Lets see if AC graphics could help a little, you must understand that high detailed tracks not possible for me as I'm too lazy to create perfect stuff, I like that things looks rough, too clean and perfect stuff looks good but takes too much time as this was just my previous hobby. I don't say anything else about quality because I know many of you expecting very high quality, this project may not give you anything else than these same tracks before, only platform changes to AC.

    If you already checked Sergio Loros GPL conversions so quality will be the same, almost :)

    But hey, this project just started, I don't have much time for this so it may take few weeks until the first track is done. First conversion will be pure learning as I'm not in any kind of AC modder yet. I may not able to do this so lets see :)
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  14. Oh huh no worries, actually I wasn't thinking about the work you made on the tracks,
    but more about the overall look.
    Assetto Corsa filters help a lot to make the whole thing so much more realistic.
    I did play some GPL conversions (Zolder, Nordschleife) and they look good enough in Assetto Corsa.
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  15. Hopefully you will touch up those tracks a bit too, Ahvenisto is bit low poly for AC imho, it's more noticeable there with those height variations.
  16. We have a permission to convert the long botniaring track from rFactor 1 which is originally made quite accurate. Contact me and lets discuss if you want to make it to ac ;)
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  17. You're the same guy talking about Legends cars mod at AC forums? If so, anything you can tell us about the mod? Legends cars is the mod I've been hoping someone will make to AC.
  18. Juise, please read the first post!
  19. Coming up nicely ;)
    Suspension simulations being finished (for the physics), shock data acquired, 3D model well underway, tires in the making, Sounds still placeholders, but we have a certain "teuton" talked to help us with them. Release? this year I would think :)
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  20. Why? Or more preferably why not? Just one track?