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Released Finglish stage:Paskamäki - Work in progress

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by NoGhost, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. - New track to RBR
    - gravel
    - more info at youtube



    *I try to use fraps next, maybe


    *no I did not, dunno were my fraps files are -_-
    *most of my signs are flickering :/
  2. Brilliant. The road is quite simply exquisite.

    A fantastic idea to have a lake on both sides of the road. Big plus, I'd say.

    Hard to say anything about the sky from that footage, I can only guess it's not implemented yet. But surely it isn't v0.0002 anymore, is it? :)
  3. thx =)

    no sky, actually I dont know how to do it, yet ^^

    I did not plan that road for lakes, suddenly something good happened in my brains.
    I have to test a lotof stuff by trial and error to see how things look.

    thats one reason why it is still v0.0002 I have no clue how long this will take. Another reason is just for fun =D

    maybe v0.001 will be the first version for peeps to test ^^
    probably this stage wont run smooth with older computers. I just cant do decent looking stuff with simple things like using background trees. So I fill places with lotof objects. Will see.
  4. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    this track should be in the WIP tread.
  5. Oh crap, yes it shoud... my brains missed whole WIP thing :zip:
  6. Great video. There are a lot of very good Stages from Finland! Nice work!
  7. New vid... some progress....

    *somebody anybody move this thread to right place :fwd2:
  8. please make it for rfactor and upload it .. thank you
  9. Dude no progress in over a year?? Come on man from what I seen this thing is un friggin believable makes the RBR origional stages look bad. Please don't let this thing die. And you should make a beta version of where it's at currently available like ASAP so we can drive it in the mean time till your truely "done" if it ever gets to that point for you. For my concerns you were "done" a long time ago. For real. That beta .0003 is un real its so good looking.
  10. Looking better than original RBR Stages? What? There is a reason why he wrote early rough beta...
  11. I mostly meant looks like more fun to drive. Sure it could use a few more rocks and maybe some more grass but it's still freakin beautiful. Especially for a BTB track. I want to drive it so bad.