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Finally Class D rating

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I finally have a Class D rating after a week of racing, and boy I must have been put in a new class of drivers over the past few races. They are fast fast fast is about all I can say really. The Average lap times are getting to 1:43-1:44 at Laguna in the MX-5's. Which I think is going to be my limit until I get my wheel, as I simply don't have as much control having to pull back on the stick to brake. However I can handle not winning as long as I don't have to race with a bunch of psyco all over the place drivers who think they are in a carnival bumber cars or something.

    So as it stands I have 51 starts with 2 wins, and 29 top fives. My ttrating is 1276, and irating is at 1778. I'm not sure if that is good or bad...:redface:
  2. Nice stats, the 1778 is pretty decent, it will help you get into the higher split races with better(faster) drivers. Congrats, have fun.
  3. Cool! I just started playing tonight, playing with PS3 Controller at the moment, my Fanatec wheel isn't turning up until Mid-jan!!

    Really enjoying it, best is a 1.47.002 at Laguna... really don't think i can get much more out of it!
  4. Congrats on your D class promotion Joe!
  5. Thanks everyone! I think I'm over my head at the moment though with the drivers it's putting me up against...lol... They are really really good, and ummm yeah wow...hehee I have had a couple races that there were no rookies and a pro in the mix too...
  6. Yeah grats Joe on the promotion
  7. lol, I had better watch what I'm doing or I'm going to be back in the rookie stuff... I have had 4 bad races in a row, and lost almost .30 SR points. I got hit once, then a guy spun in front of me and came back accross the track and I clipped him, then I spun once on my own in the cork screw cutting the corner...lol... It's not good I tell ya... I don't know if I'm freaking myself out a bit since I was in the faster drivers or what, but I think I'm back down to my level now...lol... irating dropped to 1588...

    **EDIT** Wow am I having a huge run of bad luck... I got in another race and was hit three times... Booo... Heck I was only kidding about being knocked back down to rookie but now I'm not so sure...lol
  8. You can go for races only for SR (stay behind psykoz), and dont care about your result, just make clean laps ... once you got some good SR, give all you can in a race to gain good championship points ^^

    If you run 4 races, only the 2 best will counts : then you have 2 free races to win SR.

    Hummmm, sorry 'bout my very bad english
  9. Joe,

    Congrats on the promotion bud. Nice work.

    Kabba makes a valid point regards getting SR back. Entering races and just keeping out of bother and lapping clean will soon see the SR back where it was. I guess it could be seen as a cheap way of earning the SR, but then you didn't ask to get shunted 3 times and lose SR in other races, lol.

    Keep up the good work bud, hope to see you on Sunday in the Mazda's @ Summit Point.

  10. haha I thought about doing that but just haven't yet. I did however have a race that I was spun, from there I just took it easy and finished the race. I'm back up to 1709 irating but my SR is still hovering around 3.3 so I guess it could be worse.