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Featured Final week for the Reiza crowdfunding campaign: 100% funded

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Alex Franchini, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Reiza Studios has published several updates to its crowdfunding campaign, which now has one week left.

    UPDATE 1: the campaign is currently sitting at 75% with 5 days left. This means we get FV10, snazzy SuperDuperTrucks and more. Here's hoping the numbers go even higher!

    UPDATE 2: the 80% goal has been reached, meaning dynamic track conditions, VR support (!) and flatspotting are added to Reiza's current games. New content includes the Copa Montana pickups, the Renault Fluence for the Marcas class and the 2015 layout of Interlagos. The campaign still has 4 days to go, which means anything could happen in the next hours when considering the impressive push we're seeing.

    UPDATE 3: there's no stopping the Reiza train. We're at 91% with 71 hours left to go. There'll be a bonus car & track voted by the backers, the custom championship tool and further graphics development.

    UPDATE 4: 100% FUNDED. Color me impressed, and absolutely stoked for Reiza. This was an incredible show of support from simracing fans.

    Original article: The Indiegogo campaign has earned over 47.000 dollars in 25 days, managing to guarantee some new free updates and content for Reiza's current sims. Reiza has now published an update detailing the confirmed content and stretch goals, and there are some unexpected news in there as well. For starters, the 1.37 beta version is being uploaded to level 2 and higher backers, which contains Montréal Modern, Super V8 cars and the official rooms for multiplayer racing.

    Game Stock Car Extreme will receive the SuperV8 and Lancer V8 cars, along with features like the support for longer races and automatic steering ratio adjustment. The current version of the Montréal circuit and Brazilian new entry Velo Cittá are also confirmed. Also, it looks like the arrival of rallycross into the Brazilian sim is confirmed as well, with the Lancer Evo Rallycross and the ficional Foz dirt track.

    The Formula V10 (2000 F1) cars will be confirmed if the campaign earns around 50.000 dollars (70%), and there's a sound teaser available already. Reaching the 70% goal will also guarantee the Supertrucks, more Supertrucks-ready layouts and a new UI and HUD.

    Interestingly, there's the surprise of VR support at the 80% threshold, including support to the Oculus Rift DK2. Tyre damage and dirt pickup are also slated for the same goal (demo here), along with dynamic track conditions. Getting to 90% of the funding goal will net a bonus car & track chosen by the backers, the custom championship tool and further shader development for a graphics boost. Finally, reaching the full funding will add the Honda Civic to the Marcas roster and also some new Formula 3 models.

    Formula Truck will benefit from the updates as well, along with the Montréal Modern and Velo Cittá circuits.

    liyrb1zbb14hhmhboxwt.png pvjrdbgdctsuzpbijrjn.png
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  3. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    74% haha
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    76%.... Come on, looking for that final push:D
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  5. Yapci

    Premium Member

    460€ more and we reach 80%! Come with daddy dinamic track conditions!
  6. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium Member

    And we have it! ...:x3: :laugh::cry::roflmao: ...calm time... :whistling:
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  7. It's now exceeded 80%
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  8. Oops, you got there first :)
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    83%.... 4 days to go and $13,650 left to find.... lets goooooo
  10. Right, I still don't get all this. If you donate you get what exactly? Seems to me that everyone will get the updates to GSCE eventually won't they? Have I missed something?
  11. You contribute, because you want to help/support the developer, sheesh... And it's written in perfect English what you get on indiegogo page. You silly :)
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  12. Why am I silly? :rolleyes: sheesh....:rolleyes: They are not free updates if you are paying a contribution are they? I already own GSCE and FT and the updates will come to me. Any DLC I want I would buy if it comes available. And the perks offered include the games I already own. So why would I want them again?
    Now I ask again, what benefit do I get other than some beta access to something?

    Oh and remember this, I already contributed to Rieza but paying full price for both games and I'm happy with them as they are. I was happy when I first purchased them after Rieza stated that they will always strive to update them at no extra cost. Now if this revenue collecting was for a whole new game that would be different.
  13. seriously dude, read.
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  14. I have read. Enlighten me.
  15. Don't want to argue. You said you don't know what you get and i pointed you in the direction where you will find the answers. :)
    You didn't present your thought process intially (''i don't want no beta, i will pay for new game + dlc when it is published, i don't want additional gsc copies, i don't want dev forum access and vote for new content, etc) ?
  16. The benefit is that with the money Reiza can continue to develop the game whereas if no money is forthcoming from the campaign then they will stop developing the games you own. You would then have to buy a new game in more than a year to get new content from Reiza whereas now thanks to the community we will see an enormous expansion to the game before they finally wrap up development.
  17. I have read the indigogo page or whatever its called and I really can't see anything there that would make me contribute.
  18. But I'll see all that because I own the games already. Not really worth me contributing as I will get the updates eventually anyway.
  19. a) a new game involved.
    b) its technically donations, you just happen to get most of it back in value, though of course it depends what you own/if you sell the keys/what you choose etc. for example at $75 you can get sce + ft and the planned upcoming title, or the upcoming title + all dlc free. either way its a roughly $60+ value, even if you already own both current games and/or give away the keys. so even though all $75 goes toward the campaign youre really 'donating' $15 (or less) & getting beta + forum access along with that.
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