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final seat taken

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Eckhart von Glan, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Liuzi has today signed with HRT. New car to be first tested on Friday (everyone keep your Spanish fingers crossed).
  2. good, i liked him! :D
  3. Great news, I wouldn't want Luzzi to leave F1 like Hulkenberg did because both of them are quick but they lack motivation to be in the Top 3. (Same went for Webber but now he got motivation and look at him)
  4. I guess either Liuzzi either gave up on his "I never paid for a seat and I will never do." claim or HRT couldn't find someone else willing to pay to drive their bad cars.

    In both cases, everybody loses.
  5. Oh, look who's back, still against the HRT windmill.

    Seriously though, when you see the amount of money some are putting in (sometimes very unworthy) feeder drives, your post doesn't make any sence whatsoever. Dozens, if not hundreds of drivers would be craving for Liuzzi's wheel.
  6. IMO Luzzi is a good choise for HRT because HRT is in need of drivers with epxerience for there future car and organization and Luzzi got experience from 2010 which will help the team quite alot to get into pace with the rest of the grid which most of us belive that HRT will lack in the begining of this season. (but as I have said lot's of times, we got no evidence of the pace of the 2011 car so let's wait until Practice 1 of Melbourne GP.)
  7. Yep, but no need to say that HRT got extremely late development wise by missing the whole testing period.

    Doesn't deserve that whole trolling stuff around it of course. Some really have nothing to do while waiting for the season's start...