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Final Round - Abu Dhabi Highlights

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Scrambles, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Here is the highlights package of the final round of the AutoGp FSR World Championship:

    Thanks to all of you who have made positive comments on these highlights videos throughout the season, even if it was just pressing the thank you button at the bottom of my posts. It's your positive feedback that makes producing these vids worthwhile. Those of you who have done so regularly get their names mentioned at the end of the Abu Dhabi video :cool:

    An extra special thanks to Jack Nicholls for recording the commentary throughout the year, to Dennis Hirrle for all of his encouraging support, Mikko Puumalainen for directing the WC, Patrick de Wit for programming our track cameras, Henri Viirok for his tireless track work, and to all of the teams and drivers of the WC.

  2. Simply fantastic Simon, seriously, thank you for the awesome video editing you did throughout the year, very consistent quality. If I was someone with a company in need of someone like you, you'd be my 1st choice, easy.

    Thanks to Jack too, you're also a seriously good commentator, you both made a very good pair of video and commentary together.
  3. Awesome!!! Your video's are faultless mate! Makes me want to learn how to make video's! Any tips from the master?!
  4. Jack, Simon, you guys were the best this season! Thank you.
  5. Jack/Simon and everybody else: Masterpiece! It's like I'm watching tv.. Like we got spoiled this whole season, this is another great video on a very eventful race. Great job everybody! I'm proud to be a part of FSR.
  6. Simon, you have been undoubtedly one of the guys of the year in FSR. Awesome again ! And also very good job you too, Jack :tongue:
  7. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Awesome video making all season really enjoy watching these vids but now i just have to point out that Nilsson in 14th isnt French
  8. amazing videos whole year, thanks.
  9. Awsome video, thanks for all your hard work troughout the season simon and jack and i hope u guys continue doing it next year.
  10. Cheers Simon and Jack. Exceptional videos all season!
  11. Thanks Simon and Jack for making those awesome videos troughout the season. Great quality race after race.
    Thanks again !
  12. Superb work, I really enjoyed watching the video from the start to the end. I really cant wait to see what Simon is cocking for next year. :D
  13. Big thanks for the videos this season guys. Couldnt really follow the races live.
    But the recaps where a great substitute for me. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for all your work this year Simon :)
  15. Thanks again Simon for all you've done. This is a really nice season ending video.

    I should mention Simon really showed his heart and passion for FSR & simracing with his videos this year. So fast in production and so high level all the time, every single race! Awesome.
  16. Superb videos Super Simon, thank you so much. Also Jack for your awesome commentating.
  17. Gracias amigo! :D
  18. I'll just echo what everyone else has already said - stunning job on the vids Simon, and Jack's commentary just gets better and better.
  19. Simon you were the best all season long. Really awesome work everytime. Well done man and I hope you continue for next season.

    Fantastic! Big applause!
  20. Indeed. Fantastic work all season. You deserve this holiday :p