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Final race at Nurburgring Wednesday 9th of June

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. It is soon time for the final race of the season, a week earlier than it usually would be due to the World Cup in Werner-land.

    As you might have guessed there will be normal default weather for the race, partly because I myself had forgotten that the race was this Wednesday (until i saw Chris tell Jim in a post that the race was this Wednesday).

    Division 2 will have a normal start again, I'm guessing the attendance (in both division) will be lower than average which in turn will help to secure a safe race start.

    My appolegies for being late on a lot of stuff this season, next season I will have learned from all mistakes I have made this season and have much more prepared before the season starts (like the weather for allthe races).

    Good luck in the race!
  2. Ja, I was also caught out a bit. Wanted to practise a bit yetserday but we had a power outage so I just had enough done to submit my very short race report for Istanbull.

    This race is going to be tough. The first few corners are a bit tricky. Easy to lose it.
  3. loooooool i did my first training yesterday!!!! LOOOOOOL

    i think that i will do more laps today and tomorrow.......

    btw how many laps we will do???
  4. As always, it has been a pleasure to race and practice with all the Presto lads. :thumb:
    I have been seriously out-classed by many this season, but I will never miss an event. So far I have only failed to make the flag once this season :damnit:[ but I wasn't alone in this;) ].

    A couple of my racing buddies over in the FPPS got themselves beached in the gravel and cooked their engines trying to escape :pray:. So bring a shovel if you enjoy taking in the sights around the ring.:wink:

    Enjoy the final race and get to the end of it in style. GLA!:D
  5. Good question! FPPS did 45 so that would be a fair guess; but only a guess.
  6. I'll start the betting at 42 laps ;)
  7. Acctually I was thinking 41 laps, I didn't know that the Pacific did 45 laps.

    I don't pick a random number if anyone thinks that, I try to figure out how many laps to make the race last about 63-64 minutes. The reason why we want it to last 63-64 minutes is that the aim last season was 60 minutes and this season we decided/negotiated to have it slightly longer.

    So, 41 laps it is :D

    I simply forgot to say how many laps, but a reliable hint is always the stint server which is half the race length, rounded downwards if an uneven number. 41 laps / 2 = 20,5 rounded down to 20 laps :cool:
  8. That's what I did Nico :)

    I took it that the fast guys will do 1:27 and then worked out how many of those would fit into 60 minutes and rounded up.

    Race pace will probably be 1:30 so that works out to 40 laps.
  9. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I can have preset fuel for 40 laps then:cool:
  10. lol - me too. I've been lapped every other race so... :)
  11. For our races at Pacific I basically take the actual real life race & take it down to 70%
    We started doing this unknowingly & it was Peter Marshall who then stated that almost all our races were roughly 70%
    It was purely accidental but it made a good formula so it stuck :)
  12. Of course Steve. It all makes perfect sense now.
    Nurburgring GP in '09 was 60 laps.
    60 * 0.7 = 42.
    I see clearly where you got 45 laps from then :confused: :tongue:
  13. Haha, ok so I wanted to spice it up a bit:wink:
  14. Sorry guys, I'll not attend today's event.
    Was a bit surprised that the race is this week, not the next one.
    I have not practiced here at all, so don't want to be dangerous and to ruin someone's race.
    Have fun!

    See you next season!! (I hope my spot is safe in D1 next season? ;) )
  15. Hopefully before then! Take care meanwhile. :)
  16. It should not been any surprice as the race schedule is very well known whole season http://www.racedepartment.com/supported/league.php?leagueid=2&type=introduction&menu=season

    But anyway I really appreciate your choise and attitude with this race as we all need to do our practising before any race to make this Pro class racing, thanks Alex.

    See you.
  17. No problems mate, your spot is safe as the bank, see you next season (or during the brake).
  18. But if you'll change your mind you are not the slowest at Nurburgring, I am :)
  19. wow !!! few hours to the last race and i am still at work !!!, did not practice any lap with heavy fuel yet so i will be relaying on my qualy set up then to do the full race with :tongue:...

    My internet provider promised me that my connection is back to normal so hopefully this time i can be on the grid with you guys :D...

    cu at 4:30 Am :)

  20. you are not alone guys......i did really few laps and without fuel.....will try to do a stint now for find the right tyres, so tonight it will be really fun, i love when i'm not ready at 100% for an event, so i know that for sure i can do better during qualy and race, and it gives to the race a bit of suspance and so it is less boring for me!!! :D