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FileSubmit Announcment

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Due to issues with FileSubmit and rF2 replays, and the fact that you cannot cut out a hotlap replay with rF2, the Administration has decided to scrap the quali lap submission altogether. No need to submit any .Vcr files. FSR Manager Log submission is mandatory as always, no log = DQ post-race.
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  2. then, we can desactivate replays? (it will help to old PC's)
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  3. I'd keep them on, just in case it's required by the org.
  4. I can only think of a situation in which server replay shows you cut the lap, but your own replay shows otherwise. That is a very unlikely scenario though.
  5. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
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    So it is safe to change
    Replay Fidelity="3" to something lower now and also to deactivate record hotlaps, without getting in trouble with the logfiles right?
  6. Yes.
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  7. I think I will change it to "4" then (best quality).