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File size of the GTL download?

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Patrick Moore, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    My search-fu has failed me! I also posted this question at the RaceRoom but I could not get an answer. Any help would be appreciated!!

    I bought GTL last night and due to my slow internet I was wondering about the zipfile size?
    I went ahead and downloaded the file on an iMac at my work due to having fast downloads. After the download was complete the file I received was 'gt_legends_installer.zip' and the info shows a file size of 955.7MB. However, the game page says the game is 2.47GB in size. Did I download the correct file? Or do I need to download the file again on a PC?

  2. I would dnload it again. The installer zip should be 2.47 or 2.49 GB

    Folder should read:

    GTL_Setup_EGFIS 469KB (App file)
    GTL_Setup_EGFIS-1.bin 1,008,013KB (Bin File)
    GTL_Setup_EGFIS-2.bin 1,032,843KB (Bin File)
    GTL_Setup_EGFIS-3.bin 574,391KB (Bin File)
    SUPPORT 1KB (Text doc)
  3. My downloaded zip file was 2,615,715. If I check the Zip file under Properties, it says 2.49 GB (2,678,491,685 bytes).

    It looks like you have an incomplete download.
  4. copy that! I saw your message and now started to repeat the download.

    D'oh! I finally used these rocks for brains and now that I see the FF download window it clearly states 'downloading xxx.x MB of 2.5 GB!