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Mods Fiesta livery HD Official 2016 V1.0

Livery HD Official / Ford Fiesta / Monte carlo 2016 ; Dirt Rally / E Camilli ; M Ostberg

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  1. Looks real nice!
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  2. HELLO NICE WORK CAN YOU MAKE THIS ONE????? can you make this Skin for Ford Focus 2007 I HOPE SO maxresdefault.jpg maxresdefault.jpg hqdefault.jpg
  3. Could you please make a version with DiRT Rally plates/stickers?
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  4. You're still not uploading the new file to the archive :(
  5. I don't understand what you mean... Until I see the RAR file from does not update -_-
    I think that this is good!
  6. Usually when people update revisions of their file, it adds another download button to the version history tab.
    Looks like you've got it now, i'm seeing version 0.95 available.
  7. This is a nice skin, thankyou, however the dirt rally plate doesn't have Evans as the driver per the update picture you posted.
  8. Hi, Nice livery, I use this livery a lot in-game. I'm new to Photoshop and I myself creating a livery but can you please just give me a hint how to make livery super shiny like this one? A little help will be appreciated. thanks