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Skins Fictional Williams-Renault 1.0

Fictional Williams F1 car

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  1. Terrible colour choice for my liking but still nice work :D
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  2. Sweet! Nice colours, very striking, well done :)
  3. Hey you've used the skin of my Williams fw23 as a basis for your skin... without asking permission!!!! :mad::mad:
  4. Really?Have you got any evidence?Maybe he downloaded your skin and intended to skin on that instead of original CM texture.
  5. yes I can prove it... it has exactly the same lines, numbers and shapes of MY skin... if he wanted to skin it, he would have to ask for permission first.
  6. As can you see he only changed colour and he added some sponsors

  7. Ohhh, now I see.Ask tom endres or some admin to close this thread.This is ridicolous really it's just reskin and new logos, it's stealing clearly.Sorry for not beleiving to you.
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