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Skins Fictional West McLaren Mercedes 1.0

Fictional West McLaren Mercedes

  1. sabreaust submitted a new resource:

    Fictional West McLaren Mercedes - Fictional West McLaren Mercedes

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  2. Good skins.
  3. thanks for the release
    I know it was mainly for personal use but still let me give you the hint, to use antialiasing on the logos so they'll look less pixeled/sharp cut ;)
  4. hey hey hey that looks very nice and even because of that mirror bleep it looks good thank you very much! :) +1 for mod!
  5. best livery of the month :thumbsup:
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  6. good livery mate,keep it up!
  7. Wow. looks awesome man!
  8. Very nice, thanks a LOT for releasing it!
  9. Nice job sabreaust, looks great keep it up!!!!!
  10. Can't believe I didn't find this until now, love it! Don't suppose anyone could do a front end edit for the team and change the name in game to 'West McLaren Mercedes'?