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Skins Fictional: Volkswagen F1 Racing Team 1.0

Fictional team

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  1. really excellent .... great job .. but there are numbers ... and unfortunately for me has been the name Sahara, as the file "language" is wrong because it is to replace my ITA ... solutions?
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  2. Great job bro. :thumbsup:
    Keep it up.
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  3. Thanks. The only thing I changed in the language file is the line for db_team_forceindia_long. You can just edit your language file and replace Sahara Force India with Volkswagen F1 Racing in this line.
  4. one can mclaren honda?[​IMG]
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  5. Great job, what program you use to view the cars?
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  6. Thanks. The 3d render was made through keyshot
  7. I tried to open the file with Notepad and I changed the name but the game will not start .... uff .... I'm sorry
  8. you need to use Ryder's language editor
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  9. thank you ... 're really friendly and helpful ... for the numbers on the car you do something?
  10. really can't fix the numbers. The fc2 model does not use that part of the texture
  11. I'm in love with this skin !! :)
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  12. Haha very nice job as usual aagancia. One question how did you make your suit to fit the driver's body in the driver pictures? :)
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  13. I think we went off topic but I view the skill of aagancia I really hope they realize this too :)
  14. in races it will be like...

  15. Skin looks great. Thank you.
    Ive tried to download it 8 times on different PCs and every time says file corrupt?
    Another link maybe? Downloads about 70%
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  16. Why I cant finish download both your Volkswagon and Maserati skin? it always stop at half of the original size.
  17. thanks. I just edited the driver cards in the non_persistent and pasted on the new logos using photoshop
  18. download works for me. But I also get similar issue sometimes with some resources here in RD.

    If you continue to have trouble downloading, just send me a PM, I'll create another link for you.
  19. Beautiful work,thank you.:cool:
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