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Misc Fictional Tyre Set 1.1


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  1. As i said,i say it again.All these tyres are for me the best mods for this game!These things make this game to a new game-simply epic.Your´s and weeks before from Rian Speed.Not to forget Ryder,has opened the way for change tyre manufactures!:thumbsup:Thanks to you all ;)
    And these wonderful firestone tyres...Many thanks:inlove:
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  2. This is so great!Unbelievable...many different cars.And now many tyre manufacturers...;) That´s it what i call a fantasy season:D
  3. Thank you. It really makes your target car complete. I'll be releasing a firestone set very soon.:)
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  4. Oh that is nice to hear..Yea of this tyres i´ve waited.now is the car complete:inlove:I´m soooo happy now
  5. can you drive the soft mediums and hards in the wet?
  6. no, it does not change the grip level of the tyre compund. Just the skins. But, a quick tweak on the render-materials.xml can swap any of the tyre into the inter or wet slot.
  7. It would have been nice a mod in which teams would use different tyres and that would also change their perfomance as once it used to be in F1
  8. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Why is there no tyreXXX_blur.tga? I mean, you've replaced
    but there are only tyreXXX.tga and tyreXXX_mask.tga, I wonder how it works.
  9. tyreXXX.tga - contains textures for the static tyre wall and alpha channels for the dry tyre branding.
    tyreXXX_blur.tga- contains textures for the spinning tyre wall and alpha channels for the wet tyre branding.

    The difference between using the spinning tyre wall texture and not is nearly none. Personally, I just cannot see its effect while the car is in motion. Also, since I do not use the alpha channels in this mod, I just decided to not use the tyreXXX_blur.tga to keep the render xml simple and keep the pssg file size at a minimum.

    You can also apply the same technique if you are working on a multi tyre mod for each team/car to minimize the amount of textures you need to import into each car pssg.
  10. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Well, I copied the tyremed which was set as replacement for TBlurTyreMap at the general tyre_walls and used it as tyre_blur and placed it into those tyres w/o blur. Though, I agree I don't really notice the blur anyway, at least not with multi tyres render file.

    I still struggle whether I should keep the colors all zero as using 13 different tyre walls may ruin the optic.