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Apparel Fictional Rossi Helmets 1.0

Valentino Rossi Helmets

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  1. Oh the helmet mashine...:Dnice helmets again from you:thumbsup:
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  2. Thanks. :)
  3. mr chinoy .. can u this request helmet ??
    valentino rossi tribute simoncelli helmet ..
    its oke if cannot ..

    sorry bad english

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  4. I'll try.
  5. thanks .. :D
  6. Thanks, it freaking AWESOME! Gerald you Rock!
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  7. Thanks. :)
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  8. Gerald, I wonder how you manage to create so many fantastic helmets. Absolutely amazing work. Keep it up, buddy.
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  9. Hi Gerald!
    Ill second that:
    you make very good and finest works.

    A please: can you make a Graham Hill Helmet?
  10. Which helmet, upload a pic please.
  11. OK i search.
  12. hi my friend ... I wonder if you can make williams red in 1999 with the sponsorship ... WINFIELD ... remember??
  13. I'll see.