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Skins Fictional Porsche Martini Racing DHD&HD&SD 1.0

Cars only

  1. w1n1x submitted a new resource:

    Porsche Martini Racing Car DHD&HD&SD - Car only for now ,if I see big interest from members then I will consider a full team pack.

    Read more about this resource...

    Version 1:


    Version 2:

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2015
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  2. Would you do one like in real?
  3. Huh? What do you mean?
  4. I think he wants you to do the 2015 Williams skin.
  5. I don't think that he meant that.. Anyway even if he meant that I cannot make it without a GPU cause the stripe of the car is far too complicated to make without having access to 3d models.
  6. Yes I ask you about that...Williams 2015 Skin! Sorry you dont understud me...Thanks!
  7. The new f1 game isn't far away,so making it would be meaningless. Furthermore I can't do complicated skins till my new GPU arrives
  8. :inlove:such beautis
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  9. please your GF with your bank account. so you can have more time for producing more quality skins :laugh: [/jokes]
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  10. Great job mate, keep them coming!!!