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Mods Fictional Ford Fiesta ST Rallycross 1.0

Deutsche Rallycross Meisterschaft / RedBull

  1. Ok, after the praise here comes the the blame... :D
    Well actually there's one tiny thing...
    I think those multi-colored details above the headlights are a little bit, I don't know ...too much ?
    What do you think ?
  2. Can make it without those red and yellow stripes if you want. It is not a problem :)
  3. Well yeah, it would be nicer if red ynd yellow are replaced with that blue, or even perhaps better - black.
    And if you're going to do it my advice to you is to place some more stickers around the car, they make them look more reallistic, imho.
    Take a look at my Mazda787 if you please, it's full of stickers. Maybe even too much. :D
  4. Sure, why not. Will try :)
    But I can't find your Mazda787...
  5. Looks really great, but it is a different kind of racing, you know? :) It has to look like this with all of those decals.