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Skins Fictional 2015 Telmex Mclaren Honda DHD & HD quad team pack 1.0

x2HD and HD team pack :)

  1. w1n1x submitted a new resource:

    2015 Telmex Mclaren Honda 2xHD and HD quad team pack - 2xHD and HD team pack :)

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Click on read more about this resource to see the download links and pics :)
    Ignore the download button at the bottom right, that's the red version because it didn't let me to upload this resource without putting a link to it.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  3. Oh my word,super job,and a lot of hard work too I guess,a BIG thank you to yourself,and all the guy's involved.:cool::thumbsup::notworthy:
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  4. Yeah a full month of work :)
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  6. One request: Could you make the gloves for the blue version please with the Hami reebok mclaren gloves turning the black parts to blue ? would be fantastic...
  7. sorry nope, haven't got time for it.
  8. Great work bro. :thumbsup:
    Keep it up buddy.
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  9. Absolutely perfect!
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  10. amazing paints jobs super.:thumbsup:
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  11. Niiice :) :thumbsup: love it :D
  12. Wow! Although I love the red and white for the throwback to Senna/Prost days, the black model is by far my favourite! It's a nod to the 'West' McLaren days, but with a modern feel - love it!
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  13. God is born :confused: Awesome :thumbsup:
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  14. Sometimes i regret for not having the F1 2012 :roflmao: They look really awesome! Congrats!
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  15. :thumbsup: very great work realy :)
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  16. Thanks , appreciate it :thumbsup:
  17. Nice Work!!!
    Can u do a fictional Williams Mercedes Team?
  18. In fact i have some more requests,:

    A fictional Toro Rosso Renault Team & Fictional Marussia Ferrari team
  19. Sorry, nope. Haven't got time for it and the new game will be out next week.Some of my mods will be uploaded mid october but i will concentrate mostly on the new game.