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Fiat 500 Abarth @ Nordschleife Tourist - Wednesday July 6th 2011

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Class: Fiat 500 Abarth
    Track: Nordschleife Tourist (RD Download, Alternate download)
    Weather/Damage: Dry, 40% damage

    Practice start time: 18:00 GMT
    Qualification start time: 19:00 GMT
    Race start time: 19:30 GMT
    Race distance: 2 x 2 laps, 5 minute break between the races

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here
    Abarth skin pack: Download, extract to your nkpro folder


    Results here
  2. Tomas Torasen's Nordschleife conversion has been released, so I think an Abarth race is appropriate.

    I prefer the Tourist version, but that would involve drivers manually changing tracks in their nKPro folder, so I picked the GP Short version instead.
    EDIT: looks like it just has to be changed on the server side, so Tourist version it is :good:

    Haven't been able to complete a lap, due to performance issues, but I think it would be around 10 minutes, give or take a few? Race distance is negotiable :)
    Picked the two short races over one longer one, so there would be a bit more racing.
    Also, the track is treacherous, and losing a lap by going to pits to repair is not an option, so we'll be running with 0% damage.
  3. wow,that be a difficult race and interesting one.I dont know this track at all and my fps are running down in 2-3 spots of the track so i think i'll miss this race.I'll try to lower the details first and i'll see..
  4. Similar with me Christian, both the FPS, and not knowing the track. I brake before a crest, and then there's a 5 mile long straight after it :D

    Also hope to fix the FPS issues for myself in time.
  5. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer
    Premium Member

    I should be ok to race. I'll pull out if the list gets full. Should be amazing!
  6. Almost all beta testers had between 200-300 fps in this track. 2 guys couldnt drive it, but had extremely low end pc's. One have an old lap top for example.

    You should definitely be able to run it, if lowering your graphic settings. Depending on your GPU, you have for ATI cards Catalyst Control Center for example. NVidia have their control center too.

    For myself, I have a quite fast pc, thats why it was so important in beta testing with benchmark tests in different systems.

    Also.. other racing games I installed.. for example NFS shift 1 and 2, F1 2010.. all had around 60-90 fps, which borders on too low for me. netKar is generally extremely light on performance.
    And dont forget to restart the pc to see if it helps.

    And I'm in off course =) Should be really fun in Abart!
  7. And BTW, Senad.. people dont need to change files.. Everyone gets the nkrefs.ini that is installed on the server, meaning the version you applied.. what they lose is the slightly different mini map showing the tourist version in game. But concerning race it isnt a problem..
  8. i join this event...thanks.
  9. Oh really? Sweet. We'll be doing the Tourist version instead, and skipping the boring GP part :tongue: :thanks:
  10. Yes so people.. if you go online with the track installed on your pc.. you see tourist version but have gp version chosen atm.. you can just join it without problems.
  11. Tomas tell me if my pc configuration is ok to run this track on extremely lite nkpro..
    CPU:intel core 2 quad Q6600 at 2.4GHz
    Graphics card: Asus 8800GT
    Ram:4GB DDR3
    Because im running all games at full graphics without problems and the only problem i have is in nkpro track....Weird!:rolleyes:
  12. Your graphics card is 512 mb right? I would say to be able to run all new racing games (like the ones I mentioned) you would need at least ATI 69xx or a Nvidia 560 or up. You will have big problems with max settings in arcade games with your current setup.
    Generally sims are lighter, less bling bling, especially netKar.
    But this track will be heavier than other tracks, since it's 5 times the size (23 km incl. GP track). 3d geometry, textures and so on. But still if you compare it, from my own testing and the quite extensive benchmarks we did in beta testing Nordschleife in netKar is much much easier to run than for example NFS Shift 2 with max settings.

    Invest about 200€ in a GPU and you are good for another 18 months. Or as I said.. turn down the graphic settings, anti aliasing and so on.. maybe lower the res one step..
  13. Mate you didnt catch the point..with my pc config i can play for example nfs shift almost at full graphics and the most of new games with great graphics.I didnt have any problem with nkpro at all except this track.SO?So isnt my pc problem!Btw dont look at the MB of the graphic card,there are more important things to see.This track isnt designed properly!
  14. Yes your Graphic Card is the problem. It's very slow compared to newer cards. Especially graphic memory is important because that is what holds the potential of loading larger tracks like Nord to store textures and so on.
    And again, no you cant play nfs shift 2 and games like it on even close to full graphic settings. Impossible with 512 mb GPU.
    That is unfortunately the development of the game market and life time of performance parts like graphic cards. Dont blame me or put out false **** about my work because you dont like this fact.

    I wont support you any longer since your agenda is obviously a childish quite stupid one and I'm not the one to seek that from.
  15. Okay, take it easy please.

    This is obviously a much larger track than any other out there, and your card seems to be almost 4 years old. Mine is a bit newer, but is crap :). If everyone else is running it fine, it's safe to assume the problem is on our side.
  16. Sorry Senad for off topic discus..Aggression without Obvious reason is childish..
  17. Full grid woho! =)
  18. This will be fun, it's been a long time since I raced Netkar, it's a perfect race for a return;)
  19. But 0% damage? couldnt we have like at least 40 % or something so people at least have to try to keep the car on the track..
    We tried 50% in another race. you can wreck your car, but if you crash into a barrier you will be able to take it back to the pits at least.
  20. Sure, it's sort of a democracy :D. I went with 0% because otherwise one mistake, and it's all over.