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Featured FIA Vegas eRace - Was it good for SimRacing?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Chris Stacey, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. The racing was dull, but that's another issue. IMO one priority should have been to make the broadcast look good on a technical level. It didn't succeed, rF2 leagues have been organizing broadcasts with better quality and overlays since around 2010 (see for example this). A top quality broadcast and a track that has more polygons than rF1 stock tracks from 2005 would have been a good start. The sporting side is a bit tricky as it takes a long time to tune in a mod to get the slipstream/dirty air etc. effects ideal for overtaking, it takes a bit deeper understanding of rF2. That can maybe be excused as it was the first time, the technical side and plugin glitches cannot IMO.
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  2. Those games were released and gained popularity in esports at a time when they were considered good looking or at least respectably good looking. That they aged out of this condition is because they had a following. To capture people you need a higher standard than to maintain that following.

    I never said physics is irrelevant, but within the framework of available sims it is. Whichever you pick it won't matter, it'll all represent simming as is and create good racing. The differences for the sake of racing are minimal and mostly its to do with racing features that allow good online events. That doesn't mean trackmania, because this is about simming, but there is no established current gen sim that wouldn't do, even PCars would be satisfactory if its features could match that needed for the event.

    The question is whether the sum total presents well, and rF2 doesn't seem to have any professional grade developers working to create content for it on contract. Maybe another dev could on contract, but in the end rF2's pedigree as a great sim, perhaps above all the rest, doesn't matter. The best sim shown off as a shambles is inferior to a less advanced one polished and looking stellar. rF2 already though has the issue of being relatively ugly so when its done badly it looks quite terrible.

    Now if Cloudsport can't find anyone to work on any sim platform for them for reasonable money that can make things look and play better than they did then this idea is pretty much dead in the womb.
  3. The differences for the sake of racing are not minimal, they are cruicial within a frame of top competition. That is something if you don't know it you never will notice on a stream of a simrace in rf2 nor in a stream or of a normal race.
    If you run of the rubber on the marbles and flatspot your tire in a braking zone or a failed attempet to overtake your race is more or less done, you wont win that race anymore, your times drop exponentially in worst case.Or if you flatspot them just by misstake or overshooting a wet track. If you overcook the engine whilst in pits or on track your race is done. If your brake ducts are not open wide enough for cooling your race at Montreal is done and you will not win. If your setup is crap for tires you will not win. If you start at Interlagos on the dirty line (second place) you will most likely be overtaken by the guy starting on third place. If you missmanage a rain race and your strategy or your setup simply sucks in rain you wont win the race. All those little details, and there are more of them not to mention that driving alone has an impact on tires material etc, are performance related and you will not see it if you do not know it neither can you explain the importance of them to somebody how cruicial they are, the only thing you see is the winner and the winner will be called lucky or not for winning but it is not luck, it is perfect prepparation and excecution. All failures you see are most of the time performance related by underestimating the consequences of pushing to far or not enough testing.
    The failures you experience in competition for tenths are which makes racing emotional and a perfect execution far far more rewarding. Racing teams have "team crews" for a reason and not only to clap in case a team wins. I feel sorry for you and some sunday drivers which have never experienced that but that is not your fault. I also feel sorry for the devs which claim all those features are just for keyboard warriors and have no point in sims. Quite an irony that is in fact. They simply don't know better and will produce good sunday driving games with paganis at the nordschleife but nothing more than that considering what is possible today. That was suited to represent simracing in 2005 where a sim could reproduce a static lap of one race pretty well but not more than that.

    As for your second paragraph I don't think you are aware how wrong you are. You can make every sim look crap, that is a fact. rF2 is highly dependent on conntent and your settings and that has not much to do with the time of day used either. If you take the Star Mazda at LRP in iRacign for example with crappy settings it looks worse than a good looking rf1 race and the same can be done with AC aswell. I have seen streams where the game looks like rf1 simply put. Now I am not saying rF2 looks best or anything like that but it certainly can look decent. However if cloudsport could have contracted anybody I am sure they would have done that.
    But to say rF2 has no proffesional grade devs is if anything just delusional.
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  4. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    This might be old hat by now, but Spike tv in the UK is showing highlights of this in a hour long show tonight midnight just before the football show.
    Be interested to see how it appears as a program.
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  5. That's very cool! So it's been a positive thing, then.

    Racing games aren't broadcasted or attracted mass attention outside of Gran Turismo's GT Academy. But there, there was a lot of focus on real racing so the game took a backseat. A lot of people don't know what the baseline is or can be, and the age demographics may be higher than ours. They may see the cars on TV and think, first of all, that is a cool thing. So often I've seen non-gamers or very casual gamers see a racing game and only think of the car and track, and thinking it's nice - because they don't really play or because they have a connection (followed) the series in real life.
  6. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Member Premium Member

    @Gui Cramer I think that's where rF1 and before it F1C scored, if you saw a series you could probably get a mod for it, plus the tracks.
    I'll leave now don't want to derail the thread.