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FIA GT3 2006/10 Released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Philip Antonia, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Anyone have alternative download locations? *Besides rfc. The two listed dont work for me.
  2. same here
  3. looks pretty good, but same problem, cant find a download link...
  4. I had the same problems yesterday but found a link in the RacingFR forum after I registered on the french site (the first link in the Apex-DL page leads there)

    They have uploaded the mod here https://www.rapidshare.com/#!download|604|1357746247|Apex_Modding_FIAGT3_P1.zip|463930

    Since it is an open download location and the file itself isn't passworded, I guess it's ok to post it here.

    The second link on the Apex download page seems to work sometimes as well - depending on traffic. Sometimes I get a password query window for the FTP server and sometimes I have direct access to the file.
    It seems the server can't handle the number of downloads or something like that.

    The Rapidshare link should work fine though...
  5. something wrong some were insstall cause my other mods not to play after differant in stalls still no joy really would like to install it without problem to the other mods any please advise
  6. Hi i'm Totorman from the Apex team,

    in addition from the rapidshare file (https://www.rapidshare.com/#!download|604|1357746247|Apex_Modding_FIAGT3_P1.zip|463930) ,
    you can also download the mod from http://www.mediafire.com/?ikixij2bnpb2n
    I compressed the file in multiple volume using 7Zip providing a 90MB gain.

    I also found a mirror (not by Apex) here : http://uploaded.to/file/py79peol

    The reason why the FTP server is asking you a password is when its overloaded. In fact, i needed to cap the download speed for not being fired LOL
    For now it's 25 simultaneous users, and users are capped to near 205KB/s
    I did that because when i looked at the server last day, it was providing near 30MB/s global download speed LOL

    Have a nice play ;)
  7. HI,

    a patch is avalable here : http://downloads.xxxteam.fr/fiagt3/getpatch.html

    Corrections :
    - External sound power lowered
    - Hearing of the starting engine of F430 and Gallardo
    - Left internal mirror of Gallardo
    - Audi R8 cameras corrected

    Patch is doing an online mismatch due to sound corrections. Sorry for that.
  8. Quality guys. Really good mod. :)
  9. settings

    Jolly good mod !! know what would be great is some recomended settings list,, controller settings, degrees of rotation, realfeel, leo and so on..

    ...Or a link to where they haves them

    Also how do I uninstall? Want to make a separate rf install for this mod.

  10. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard

    I had a go on with this MOD yesterday and it is AMAZING ... well done guys ..!