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Fia gt1 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Kenny Press, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. I am currently working on the FIA GT1 2011 series for GTR-evo. So far I've done the Aston Martin and Corvette teams. I have someone doing the Ford Matech cars which leaves the Lamborghini and Nissan teams.

    The only problem is I don't think there is a Nissan GT-R out there or I haven't searched hard enough. So I might use another model which is similar.

    The Lamborghini Murcielago I have already in the mod but its from another creation/convertion to which I have no idea who did the mod as I want to ask permission to use it. Is there one out there I could use with permission?

    If anyone can help it would be amazing :)

    Heres a few screenshots of what I've done:
    2011-07-20_00001 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-07-20_00002 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-07-21_00001 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr
    2011-07-24_00001 by SEAT Leon Mad, on Flickr

    And yes I have spelt Stefan Mucke's name wrong, I used an official spotters guide and they have spelt it wrong on the guide and me being me I copied it!! I will change it once the mod is complete :)
  2. Kenny, if you need some help in skinning, I can help you, just send me a PM :)
  3. The Lamborghini and Ford have been added to this mod.

    Can anyone help with the Nissan GT-R?
    I've found many for GTR2 but I have no idea how to convert it to Race 07 (GTR evo)
  4. conversion is not the issue, permission from the original creator is. It's because all that I have seen in GTR2 are from other games. i.e. can't be released...
  5. I've already asked a couple of people about the Nissan, but so far no answer. Will get my spade and keep digging :)

    I just wanted to know if its easy to convert if I do manage to get hold of one?
  6. haha, depends on what you call easy ;)
  7. Easy as in get someone else to do it, hint, hint :wink:

    To be honest I think the only way I'm gonna get one for this mod is to make one. The only other option is to do what I was orignally going to do and thats to use the Audi R8 as its the closest looking to the Nissan in the GTR-evo game.
  8. I'll convert the car if you get permissions of course...
  9. PT Sims mod has the R35 in it...
  10. Jempy


    Some more screenshots:



  11. Nice!
  12. nice work chaps, will keep an eye on this :)
  13. I would love to have the 2011 gt1 series but... I downloaded the 2010 and it includes the 2011. Funny thing is though. The 2011 cars are uploading into some odd places all over gtr evolution teams. All the 2010 cars are where they are supposed to go but the corvettes and the lambos are all over the place I've got to hunt them down. I tried to change the files but lost them altogether so I just deleted the 2011 cars completely. Until i can figure this out they are all in a folder on my desktop files. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or am I just an idiot?
  14. Jempy


    This mod is exclusively 2011 GT1 ... so if you downloaded 2010 including 2011 GT1 Series, it must be another mod ! And I guess which one.
    If you downloaded this one and installed it as said in the readme, you'll find all cars together at the same place. Else, you surely made a mistake when installing it. If you have problems installing it, just post here so we can help you.
  15. Where can i download this mod from now? It looks good!