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FIA - Ferrari Internacional Assistance

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Fabricio da Silva, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. No further Ferrari penalty, team orders to be reviewed.
    Thats what shows in the f1 official website about the joke that happened in the german gp!!
    Well we all know that alonso is a crying baby as showed in mclaren when Hamilton crushed him but it is a shame that Massa doesnt have the same courage and now is serving as 2nd driver for the crying baby!!!!
    Now i didnt expect FIA to just let that go!!!well for my surprise they did and i honestly hope that on the future Ferrari will be banned from f1 because they just go against the rules and what FIA does???nothing....what else can i say??
  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I dont like the way Ferrari handle there business in F1 but I'll be honest and say FIA were right not to punish Ferrari today. If the Stewards hadnt issued a penalty in Germany then all hell would have broken loose today.

    What I am worried though is the next scandal Ferrari are gearing up to do. IF and when it happens and nothing gets done then F1 is just taking the piss with its fans.
  3. Were you so angry when Raikkonen let pass Massa in China 2008, Fabricio ?

    Or when Kovalainen did the same with Hamilton in Hockenheim ?

    And the key messages like "save fuel Jenson, fuel is critical" when he was attacking Hamilton ?

    Come on, ALL TEAMS uses team orders. They are investing a lot of money in this business, if one driver is clearly the only option to fight for the championship, it's obvious that they will try to help him as much as possible.
  4. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Team Orders should stay imho. The issue here guys is how Ferrari make the move. Could have delayed Massa's pitstop wouldnt have caused this uproar.

    I support McLaren and even though they clearly say they dont favour one driver over another I know it does happen. But you dont hear that kind of pit radio to driver. Lewis pass over Heikki happened without pit radio or atleast we the viewers didnt hear. Moreover lets looks at the facts

    Was Lewis faster than Heikki on that day - Answer is Yes
    Was Alonson faster than Massa on that day - Answer is No
    Was Kimi in the Championship running in the late stages of the season - Answer is No

    We the fans know when a driver should let his team mate by. We are that intelligent atleast.

    Ferrari always do crazy stuff to disrupt the sport. 2002 was shocking and it happened again in 2010.

    This is why Team Orders should stay.
  5. And where is the difference between saying before the race "hey Heikki, if Hamilton is behind you, let him to pass" and what did Ferrari ? The fact is the same, and that's the most important. Like Piquet-Renault in Singapore. Team orders aren't only during the race.

    Come on, are you joking ? Alonso was way faster than Massa, he let a 3,5 seconds gap to Massa to show who was faster. He only needed about 10 laps to be again behind him. He was half a second faster in the qualifying.

    There is a lot of hypocrisy with team orders.
  6. david the rules say that no team orders should change the result of the race....and thats what CLEARLY happened on german gp after alonso was crying on the radio to ferrari!!!until the last german gp i hoped alonso won the championship because he is acctualy faster and better then massa!!!but the point is if he was faster he should overtake on track not cry to his engineer to let massa trough!!!that isnt race mate....
    other point is the rules are clear....and it is very clear what happened in germany and it is agains the rules!!!dont get all pissed just cause alonso was involved!!!!i dont defend massa just cause hes brazillian....he shouldve get a penalty as alonso as the whole ferrari sjust like mclaren when that scandall came out and they lost their points!!!
    plus i didnt see kimi braking to let massa pass or a radio from massa saying ``this is ridiculous im faster then him but i suck so i cant pass because im a crying baby tell him to brake pls``....get my point??
  7. And I'm not defending Alonso because he's spanish. Just because I'm bored to see how people is criticize Ferrari always when there are other teams doing the same or worst things like McLaren with the industrial espionage scandal.
  8. well but mclaren got punished......and hard!!how much was it 100 mi???ferrari got 100.000 !!!dont u see the difference??
    i created this topic cause FIA is treating this as nothing was done wrong when Ferrari broke the rules....rulkes are there to be respected!!!if you dont you get a penalty....now if Ferrari doesnt respect them nothing happens???everybody knows the truth and saw and heard what happened and still nothing happens to ferrari!!!Todt is what he is.....Mosley said that Ferrari should get a hard penalty....still what did Todt do???if u still dont get the point ....well then i dunno how else to explain
  9. And don't you see the difference between changing the order of their drivers and steal private documents (industrial espionage) of their main rival ?

    It's the same steal a chair than kill a person ?

    Ferrari did what all teams are doing when it's needed. You can accept or not, but it's the truth. Do you think Ferrari should be penalised ? Ok, and I think the same. But for everybody, not only for them.
  10. well u wont get same penalty changing ur drivers order by giving an illegal team order and stealing other teams documents ....u shouldnt get the same penalty but you still should get penalized!!!Ferrari didnt....
    Todt allowed them to walk away as it is no surprise!!!
    maybe for u it is ok to give team orders but it is agains the FIA rules....dont know if u know that!!
  11. plus people can say whatever they want about vettel webber turkey was it?! but thats f1....stuff like that happens u make rookie mistakes and jenson hamilton fought too in that race.....this is what we fans of f1 want to see...not the first braking for the second to go trough....
    get it??
    btw who didnt just love and laught or hated vettel webber turkey???thats f1
  12. And this goes against rules too, and there wasn't any penalty :

    And Hamilton finished 2nd at Valencia with a joke of drive through (25 mins later, when he opened enough gap to keep his position) when both Alonso and Massa were out of the points (without doing anything out of the rules, unlike Hamilton, who got a DQ for doing the same in 2006's Imola GP2).

    And we can say 100 more examples. FIA is a joke ? Yes, but not only when Ferrari is benefited.

    PS : "Jenson, save fuel; fuel is critical". Don't you remember ? :D Just one lap after he tried to overtake Hamilton.
  13. Well u getting things mixed here david!!!!
    First time i saw massa overshooting his grid position i was the first saying ``haha looser learn to park ull get a penalty`` a shame he didnt btw because he deserved it!!!
    Hamilton overtaking the SC was ridiculous and hes penalty was ridiculous too,,,,,
    "Jenson, save fuel; fuel is critical" was said to him on radio to keep both p1 p2 for them not to risk.....stiiil Button went at it atacking hamilton and we f1 fans loved it....but we didnt hear radio to jenson saying ``Jenson Hamilton is faster then you , just let him win`` did we???
    This is all about the german gp only ur taking this to another topics....maybe we should create a topic about FIA crappy judgments then....but this one is all about german gp!!!
  14. FIA is a joke most of the time.
    I found some penalties, or non-penalties, very questionable this year.

    About the Hockenheim case I don't really care despite I watched the race live, but as Alonso won't win the championship, it doesn't matter to me. He got his win there and was happy about it, let him buy his ice cream then, but move on to the final season part now with the real challengers.
    I found the Austria thing back then much worse, although it didn't really matter either. But it sucked a lot more.
  15. Topic says :

    "FIA - Ferrari Internacional Assistance"

    And what I want to say is just that FIA is a joke. Nothing more. Just I can't understand why people only talks about that when Ferrari is the team involved, like in this case.
  16. FIA always lean towarss Ferrari!!!
    always ``helping`` them out....by a miracle Ferrari is always involved with something and FIA always gives them a free pass
  17. Remember Schumi - Alonso in Monaco when the lights were clearly green and Schumi was allowed to overtake, but Ferrari didnt knew that rule, and Schumi got Penalty for it..... again they loved Ferrari in this situation.

    If Ferrari dont like any new rules e.g. the new Turbo-Engines for 2013 they already said again: "We need to check if we keep driving in F1, maybe we go to Le Mans.... bla bla"

    Its like: " Do it how we want it or we leave."
  18. Unfortunately there are team orders. All the teams do it, but on this occassion Ferrari made a complete hash of doing it live over the radio.
    So they were 'caught' cheating. Yes cheating. The rule is there and whether we like it or not. And if you are 'caught' breaking the rules, then you should be appropriately punished for it. The WMSC in their wisdom (?) decided to not punish Ferrari. Whether we agree with it or not, is irrelevant. As we can moan and ***** about teams/drivers all day long to no avail.
    The problem I see in the future are the rules being tough and clear enough, otherwise teams will try anything they can to break the rules even further and expect little or no punishment.
    Maybe the whole F1 circus needs a complete overhaul, because as a sport (?) it's become a pantomime that the spectators will gradually leave and find some other motor sport to watch.....and no not NASCAR :p
  19. Interesting discussion....

    It just shows one thing, you either hate or love Ferrari there is nothing between.

    However not using teamorders in F1 is totally stupid, some have their secret commands, some don´t. Maybe even over some sort of command over the LCD so noone can see it. In whatever way F1 is not a competition for the best driver but for the best team and car. (This was decided back in the old days when they started the rule that every team has to build their own car)

    The ruling against teamorders was just some public cosmetic ruling to prevent Fans from getting angry.