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Featured FIA confirm F1 helmet design restrictions

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jack Hunsley, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Jack Hunsley

    Jack Hunsley
    Staff Premium

    Vettel.png Today the FIA have confirmed that Formula One drivers will be restricted to just one helmet design per season.

    Having spent many weeks brewing behind the scenes, the revised 21.1 article of the sporting regulations now reads ‘In order for drivers to be easily distinguished from one another whilst they are on the track, the crash helmet of each driver must be presented in substantially the same livery at every event during a Championship season’.

    In addition to the change on helmet designs the FIA have also revised article 21.2 of the regulations covering driver numbers, which now ensures that drivers will only lose their chosen numbers should they ‘not participate in an (F1) event for two entire consecutive Championship seasons’. Thus, this means that drivers who competed at any point during the 2014 campaign will keep their numbers until the start of the 2017 season.
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  2. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    Thankfully FIA has the right priorities :roflmao:
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  3. Vettel won't know what to do now....
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  4. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    This is what was wrong with F1. Thanks FIA.
  5. Maybe if people understood where this restriction came from the wouldn't be so negative.

    Remember when they introduced driver specific numbers?
    That's when the FIA wanted to have those numbers in a much larger size on the cars to make the drivers easily recognizable.
    But the teams (as always) were completely against it becaus it would take away space that could otherwise used for sponsors (on the sidepods or on the side of the rear wings)...
    The FIA said "okay, but then we are going to add an LMP-like fin to the engine covers (like 2008-2010 but bigger) and put the driver's name, number and nationality on there.
    Again the teams refused because it would be a nightmare for all the aero-designers...
    So the FIA went the only way that was left to them: Make the drivers recognizable by their helmets and therefore ban switching those designs around.

    Of course you have to wonder why the FIA who are supposed to be the ones running the sport (like FIFA or NFL) is unable to decide ANYTHING without having to try and make all teh teams happy....
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  6. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    Just paint the T-cams, like they are now but use more colour. That's how you recognise them.
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  7. woz9us



    I blame Seb :D
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  8. Agreed, though I wouldn't mind bigger numbers on let's say the sidepods. ;)
  9. the_sigman

    Sim racer, F1 news editor... Racing is in my blood Premium

    Τeams won't like it, a sidepod sponsor brings a lot of money :D
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I would applaud the FIA for showing balls and force recognizable number-plates on the cars. Always have a hard time identifying who is who.

    Many moons ago before the MotoGP allowed basically every number color on any background things were easy to spot: black on yellow for the 500cc class, white on green for the 250cc and white on black for the 125cc. Life was easy :)


    If they could do this in F1: very much win.
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  11. Can't they just press the "TAB" key? That's what I use and everyones name appears above them during the race. Dead easy.

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  12. It's idiotic...
    Don't they have enough things to contend with... other than 'screwing' with drivers helmet design?
    The limits of anything FIA related to do with helmets, should be 'driven' by safety.
  13. I never tried that, thanks.
  14. Helmet designs are a way drivers have to express themselves. This latest restriction from the FIA has me one step closer to giving FORMULA 1 away.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2015
  15. This is a ridiculous move by the FIA, I always enjoyed seeing Vettel's ever changing design, waiting to see what he would have next. I have no problem recognising who is who and there is usually enough info on TV etc. to find out pretty quickly for those who do not.
  16. You win the internet for a day Sir. That really did make me lol :)
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