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FFB Wheel Setups ?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ScarryMoves, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. - I'm new on the forum - I'm yet a rookie on Sim-Racing game's.
    I love to learn 'how' to setup my steering wheel Thrustmaster T100 (maybe too cheap) for Assetto Corsa.
    I really don't know. I did custom all the settings but the car keeps sweeping left and right so i can't stabilize for the next corner without a crash.
    Does it depends on which car i want to use ? ( i think yes ) also. But it's the steering wheel ................... i do all my best to drive a straight line after i took a corner. And no.... i know how to push the pedal very gentle because the acceleration will also make my car break away after the corner very easy. But for example when i drive a long straight road...... i have to control my steering wheel full time because the car sweeps nervously.
    I took some picture's from my settings. And maybe together with your help i can drive the car more stabile. When i watch the youtube clips i am getting jalours they can drive that easy.
    Sorry my english is not the best.
    Thanks for the help.
    And maybe '' i don't know'' this does not belong in this forum part.... but i did not found a place.

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  2. Apatride

    Premium Member

    I am far from being an expert but playing other sims (Dirt Rally) made me realize that my settings on AC were a problem. While the settings I have now are far from being perfect, the following helped quite a bit:
    -Lower the strength (it is easier to be subtle when you are not fighting with your wheel)
    -Lower the road effect on FFB (difficult to spot when your car starts losing grip when normal conditions are generating so much "noise" through the wheel)
    -Slightly increase spinning feedback (makes it more noticeable when the car starts losing grip but don't overdo it otherwise you end up fighting the wheel too much)
    -Increase tire spinning sound so you can spot more easily when the car is about to lose grip
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  3. Thnxzz 4 the reply.
    I have a new wheel today the Logitech G29
    So i started a new fight !!!
    And i do play Project Cars now because i discovered this briliant game early this week.
    Sad for me my technical english is very poor..... and all the wheel settings pfffffffffffffffffffffffffff.....
    I don't understand 78% but i will discover with google search and translate
    Your tips are true ..... i did increase tire slipping sound because this was to loud each corner.
    And yes.... i did found the road effect.
    The spinning feedback is welcome because i love the realistic behavior of the cars.
    I will survive this. Also the FFB strength otherwise the wheel rolls to smooth and light.
  4. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    First place to go for Assetto Corsa is Atle Dreier's Force Feedback anti-clipping tool together with his Force feedback calibration guide. This has helped a lot of folks understand FFB issues with diffrent wheels.
    The G25's G27's (I have this one) and I believe the G29's to be similar that they have low power compared to other higher priced wheels and in general require smaller gain settings
  5. Searched multiple times in this AC forum.
    Are there any TS300 setup guides in RD for AC?
    My ffb is very weak and it feels like I have a significant deadspot in my wheel.
    It almost feels like I only get ffb effort when I hit the steering stops.

    I have already installed the ffb anti-clipping tool but can't get access to the ffb calibration guide since I'm not a member of the AC forums. Apparently, I can't use the search function on the AC forums unless I'm a member.
  6. Does your wheel work normally with other games?

    Defaults are fine for my t300. Set min force to around 5% in AC. FFB can be adjusted in game per-car with plus and minus keys.
  7. thanks for the tip! I assumed ffb couldn't be adjusted on the fly.

    My Thrustmaster control panel used to be set at 100% ffb. It turned out to be too strong for long term use, so is set to 75% now.

    Today, I changed the control panel settings to use "in-game" ffb settings. It stopped clipping, but weakened the ffb substantially in R3E.

    Still, in AC it feels like a deadspot where there is minimal ffb. I can feel vibrations over bumps though. Any slight sudden steering input causes the rear end to break loose. Almost behaves like the steering rotation is minimal, but looking at the rotation range settings, my thrustmaster panel and the game is set for my preferences. 400-1080 degrees.

    It almost feels like a similar issue I had in pCars, when there was no in-game steering ffb and slightest movement of the wheel caused snap oversteer, when playing in triple screen resolutions.
    Worked fine in 1920x1080.

    I'll keep fooling with it. But I'm open to suggestions.

    And thanks for the tip.