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FFB loss ?!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Reto Christiani, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. loosing my FFB on a regular base, I would like to find out what the cause(s) might be:
    is it the wheel itself, the driver/software for it, is it GSC or what else could be the reason for it?
    thanks for any helpful input in advance to solve this annoying issue!
  2. Do you have the ffb reset key ?
    It usually works.
  3. Could be a GSC problem Reto. Happens to me quite often with F1 classic. No problems at all with the V8's. Have not tried the F3 or the F1 Reiza so can not say for them. Happens very rarely with rF1.
  4. yes I have it ... on the keyboard though (no need on the wheel when it is not reacting ; )
    but it is like a "re-start" of the wheel /driver, in the sense that it starts to calibrate itself ... and for your sure you're off the track!

    THX Larry for your confirmation on this issue with the F1 Classic and I hope Reiza could have a look into this and propose a solution ...
  5. and again yesterday ... testing with the F3 AND Formula Reiza, lost the FFB several times while driving ...!?!
    anyone an idea what might cause this?
  6. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Does it happen in other Sims?

    What wheel are you using?

    Try a different USB port.
  7. If above doesn't work, it could also be power loss from the usb? Sometimes USB devices lose their function if too many devices are used at one time. If you have any other usb devices try unplugging them and see if it cures it.
  8. THX Mike and Keith for your inputs! I will do some tests and see if I can manage to keep my FFB.
    since I got my new wheel (TS500RS) it got really bad and I wonder if it has to do with my USB-setup (5 devices connected to a powered USB hub which is 3m from my box). but i guess the Thrustmaster is a lot greedier and more sensitive then my old DFGT and my setup is to "weak"!? but then again the FFB loss happens also to other driver's with different wheels and setups ...