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FFB Inverted!!!!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Gabriel Rosario, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. I was playing online and out of a sudden the FFB got inverted. While stopped the wheel turned ok, but as soon as I start accelerating the ffb was pulling the wrong way.

    I went to "FFB strengh" (menu) and went from -65 to +65. Then the car was pulling while stopped, but kind of ok while accelerating.

    I've been having weird issues with the FFB only with GSC. Like ramdonly it wouldn't load the FFB. On those cases I was force to ESC and then go back to race.

    I'm a happy owner of a GT3RS and so far I had no issues with this one.

    Does anyone know about a bug involving these issues?????
  2. One of our members had a problem with a fanatec wheel. I know that he had to edit the plr...
    But I don't know what he did...
  3. Doing the (right CTRL + 8) fixed the issue. But for some reason the wheel feels "tighter" in the center. Meaning that by the minimum input the car turns and feels tight, especially in the straights. I don't know if its psychological. :S
  4. James Woods

    James Woods

    I think you have two ffb methods you need to check. The first thing to do is turn off Real Feel (ctrl + 2). Now see if it still feels inverted. If so, go to the force feedback setting in the game and change it from whatever it is (+45, say) to a negative setting (-45), or positive if it was originally negative. Now test it. If all feels well, enable Real Feel again with ctrl + 2. If it has gone funny again, press Ctrl + 8 to invert Real Feel. Done :)