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FFB in rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steve Emmons, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm new to rFactor and wonder how people find the FFB. I have a G25 and am trying to decide if I should give it a try...

    I finally turned off ffb in Race 07 because I just couldn't find a configuration/setup that felt right. To me, it just never felt like it was really communicating what the car's physics were doing.
  2. Steve, the FF in rFactor is decent, G25 user too, also ultimately tuneable via 2 addon plugins, Realfeel and Leo's, with a mixture of both being the "holy grail", by which I mean, if you can find out the formula you will supposedly acheive Nirvana in a sim, hehe.

    For Race 07, a tip I found worked for me was to cut and paste my GTL FF (gMotor sim I am most comfy with) settings into the race 07 controller file as a base to start twiddling with.

  3. I use realfeel in rFactor. To me it makes a huge difference and feels good. I base this on the fact that I am much more competitive in rFactor than I am in all Simbin titles.

    With the plugin rFactor seems to me to be more intuitive and responsive - letting me feel the car beneath me and giving me good feedback on what is happening on track.
  4. Thanks... I'll give both standard and ReelFeel a try. I always thought that if I could get it right it would be one more way to "sense" what the car is doing, but could never quite sort it out for race.
  5. I did the same Sam and it really improved it.

    However, I'm also struggling with rFactor. Would the same thing apply or is GTL FFB totally different? If I could reproduce my GTL driving feel in rF I would be very happy.
  6. Warren, is that the same G25 config you have posted for Race 07 in the past? If so, that configuration is one of my favorites and came closest to getting the feel that I was looking for. I have to say though, you must have arms like an iron worker or you work out constantly.:) My arms would just ache after a while and I had to turn down the strength. Then again, maybe it's me that should be working out...:D
  7. Yes Steve, that one works well for me in GTL and Race 07.
    No I'm not a strongman, I also have my FFB strength turned down. I like the FFB feel of it but I also like my steering fairly light.
  8. There is a thread in the nogrip forum that gives a description of the FFB settings available to tweak in rfactor, GTR EVO, GTR2. Which is a good place to start, but once you start to delve deeper..............:madgrin:
  9. hei....i´ve downloaded the plugin real feel for rfactor.
    now where i install it?? or where i copy the 2 files??

    best regards.
  10. Plugins :)
  11. ok...
    i instaled now, and try it on mod megane trophy 2.0, but the FF seems to me, the same...
    i didn´t notice any change...
    ...i´m i doing anything wrong??

    best regards
  12. If you have installed a plugin make sure you make a new controller profile.
  13. Real Feel Hotkeys

    If you have done it right, you will hear the 'real feel enabled' when you drive out on the track.

    Then using these hotkeys which only work when you are out on track

    Right Control Key + Numpad 1 RealFeelMix -10%
    Right Control Key + Numpad 2 Toggle RealFeel On/Off
    Right Control Key + Numpad 3 RealFeelMix +10%
    Right Control Key + Numpad 4 SteeringDamper decrease (100 steps)
    Right Control Key + Numpad 5 Reset to Max (no damping)
    Right Control Key + Numpad 6 SteeringDamper increase (100 steps)
    Right Control Key + Numpad 7 MaxForceAtSteeringRack decrease 100N
    Right Control Key + Numpad 8 Reverse MaxForceAtSteeringRack
    Right Control Key + Numpad 9 MaxForceAtSteeringRack increase 100N

    Left Control Key + Numpad 4 SteeringDamper decrease (10 steps)
    Left Control Key + Numpad 5 Reset to Min (max damping = no FFB)
    Left Control Key + Numpad 6 SteeringDamper Increase (10 steps)
    Left Control Key + Numpad 7 MaxForceAtSteeringRack decrease 1000N
    Left Control Key + Numpad 8 Reset Min/Max
    Left Control Key + Numpad 9 MaxForceAtSteeringRack increase 1000N
  14. ok, yes, when i drive out on the track, i listen "real feel enable".

    ok, i´m going to try to use these hotkeys, then i give my feedback here...

    by the way, can i guys give me a good setup for real feel?? i use logitech DFP.

    best regards,
    Alexandre Rosa
  15. ok, i´m going to check it out.
    thank you.
  16. yes...i tried it as you told me...and it works, i´ve tested in v8´s and megane trophy, and now its much better...

    really a good plugin...

    thanks to all.

    best regards.
  17. sorry to join late, but I have the same issues, and a G25 :)

    going to try the hot keys just now!
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