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[FFB] How should it work?(car behaviour transmitting tool)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ian Craft, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. How should FFB work?
    I dont have a driver license. I was never racing a car, only a kart but that is long time ago.

    So I dont know how the wheel should feel in certain situations(like understeering, oversteering)
    I know a little I reed some little texts about it. (In know if the cars understeers the wheel must react with losing of force, and some basic stuff)
    But I need some more useful informations about the facts how the ffb wheel should react.

    best regards

    ....I need informations.......
  2. Yeah, unfortunately FFB is monopolized by a company wich has no f.. idea about simulation of a car. Compared to existant steer by wire systems in cars, wich could be imitated for sims, we stick with a over a decade old FFB toy technology.

    Here is an interesting Bachelor Work related to steer by wire, it's in german, but maybe ou can use a translator tool to get something out of it, very interesting http://opus.haw-hamburg.de/volltexte/2011/1406/pdf/Vitalij_Stepanov_Steer_By_Wire.pdf

    He is using a Senso Wheel connected over CAN Bus for this, he designed a closed loop where he translate the tyre behavior ( incl. the forces ) to data and the data back to tyre movement for steering, and he gets ver good ( real ) results. Just mind you that for using it in a simulation you "only" have to translate from data to data, because the sim programmers already did all the tyre behavior work. Just imagine the servo wheel would be directly connected with our sims ;)
  3. Would a Steer-by-Wire a good Idea?
    The Airbus planes are all flown by those Fly-by-Wire system. I dont know if they have FFB.(Does anybody know this?)
    But I know that those planes are more flown by a computer than by the captain who is in control.
    Your input is controlled by a computer. If you press to much, the plane will not do that harsh maneuver.
    The plane protects itself.

    So this would be great on the streets. If the car protects his self. Think about frostbitten roads. Think about normal non-racer humans.
    We have already those ESP. But this does not control the input. This could provide more safety.

    Another good idea(I think this isnt a bad idea ; ) )
    If you drive a sports car, and you want to visit a track and drive on it. You wouldnt like to drive with 900° degrees steering radius.
    So you press a button and the steering wheel radius is cut to XX0°. Like in a real race car.

    Also If they would realize this we would get closer to the real world with our simulations ; )(Simulating a simulated thing.)

    I didnt reed the file. Thanks for posting but Iam at this time very busy.

    best regards