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FFB bar go red very often when cornering

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by LazyBug, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. I found my ffb bar go high & go red very often when cornering, why is that & how to solve this ?? Thanks first
    Stock DFGT.
  2. Nox

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    This was interesting; might be what you need:

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  3. Ok thanks first :thumbsup:
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  4. You should really set the wheel for 900 degrees rotation and uncheck the centering spring. I use 107% for overall strength.

    The red bar is showing the amount of force feedback...as long as the only time it is red is entering a turn it is fine....but this is one of those things like input lag, sense of speed, etc that seems to be different for every person.
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  5. Try 101, 0, 100, 900 in profiler and Gain 70 in-game. Too high Gain is the reason of clipping.
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  6. Is there any different if i reverse the 1st & last like this -> 70, 0, 100, 900 in profiler and Gain 101 in-game ??
  7. Lowering the gain will be just fine. I've got the same profiler settings as you do with gain at 60%.
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  8. Yeah, lowering the ffb gain will do it. I use 60-65 on most cars except the Z4 gt3 and KTM that will clip too much even with that.
  9. What? 60? It is very low. I use that for drifting. What is this clipping anyway? Does it affect driving negativly?
  10. FFB clipping is alot like input lag...most never notice it or care, some obsess over it.
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  11. for me the Z4 GT3 is the worst (in terms of high clipping)... My settings are good for most cars but it would be really nice to have a per car setting for the gain (maybe included in the seat position app which is also car specific). I don't think we can write an app for that since the gain is not available in the API :(
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  12. I think you guys misunderstood the meaning of clipping, but I'm not an expert so, if what I'm going to explain is wrong please correct me.

    Clipping is the amount of forces your wheel can't handle because of being too fast or too strong for your wheel. It doesn't have anything to do with lag I think. Everyone should avoid clipping because clipping is the same as hiding ffb effects.
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  13. I didn't test such settings but as I understand by setting 101 in profiler is to get good FFB in the center of the wheel, then you can set FFB Gain in-game depending on the car. For determining the clipping you can use standard Pedals app (far right bar become red) or FFB graph.
    There is also Logitech Wheels thread on the official forum.
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