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EU Festive Fun - Monday Night War - Mon 22 December 2014

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Nox, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Track: Multiple default tracks!
    Vehicle: Mini Challenge

    If a person cries because you flipped their car upside-down, and you're not around on TeamSpeak to hear it, do they make a sound?

    Contrary to the spirit of Christmas where everyone is being extra friendly and spending quality time with family, we're having a smashfest! Bash, smash and crash your way to the front of the field. Take no prisoners. The first race starts at 19:15 GMT and we'll keep going until we're fed up! We'll have no qualifying, just random grid slots. Each race will consist of just 3 laps, then we'll move on to the next track. If you miss the start just wait for the lobby to show we're in a practice session (you won't have to wait more than a few minutes). And join us on TeamSpeak because it's far more fun hearing the person you just smacked into the barrier whimpering. This was a huge success last time, so don't hang about - sign up now!

    The Rules
    • There are no rules!
    The races will begin with a fast rolling start, so be ready!

    Server password: click here

    Priority Access

    In case of a large amount of sign-ups premium members are given priority access to enter this event. Premium members please sign up at least 24 hours in advance to be given priority; I won't kick a non-premium member off the list if your sign up is late.

    Sign Up List
    1. Andrew James
    2. Warren Schembri
    3. Yuri Kasdorp
    4. Marc Cabana
    5. Srinath Sundareswaran
    6. Cai Williams
    7. Jörn Horbelt
    8. Enzo Fazzi
    9. Sven-Arne Andersson
    10. Fabio Rodrigues
    11. Julian Dietz
    12. Theo van den Brink
    13. Crasher
    14. Crasher
    15. Crasher
    16. Crasher
    17. Crasher
    18. Crasher
    19. Crasher
    20. Crasher
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  2. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Signing up! Wont be on straight away but will be able to make it at some point

    Sorry to destroy the Xmas crashing spirit but I do think we need one rule
    You are not allowed to move off your grid box during 30 second waiting period before the race starts
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  3. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Edited the thread; good idea
  4. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

  5. Marc Cabana

    Marc Cabana
    Premium Member

    sign me in pls
  6. Sign me up
  7. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    If there's no skill involved put me down as a maybe :whistling:
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  8. Mark Breslin

    Mark Breslin
    The Mighty Forth Premium Member

    What a way to start my Xmas season holiday with.!!!!
    I'm in...HO...HO....HO.!!:D
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  9. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

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  10. sign me up
  11. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium Member

  12. Sven-Arne Andersson

    Sven-Arne Andersson
    Premium Member

    Please sign me up please.
    I don´t know about the TS. Never used it before but never mind. I will still have a blast (I think) ;)
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2014
  13. Hello,new to GSC,had been mainly rf2 and assetta,but found this and fell in love with it,I'm running 4 lfe's in chassis mode and this by far gives the best feedback over any other sim!! Not sure where most of you are or server location,or how your race time translates to my time zone,I'm in western Canada.as long as it is not in the middle of the night here I'd love to join in your race.so far the only disappointing thing I'm finding about GSC is finding populated servers.
  14. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Well, we have plenty of races here at RD, so go get your racing license and join us on track :)
  15. Marc Cabana

    Marc Cabana
    Premium Member

    andrew, we drive the original tracks or i must download other tracks?
  16. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    All default tracks, no downloads
  17. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll ram you off the track!

    (@Andrew James signing up! Very small chance that I won't be able to attend but if that's the case I'll only know tomorrow)
  18. sign me up pls
  19. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

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