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Featured Ferrari unveils the 488GTB

Discussion in 'Car Talk' started by Ryan Ogurek, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek

    The legendary Italian sportscar manufacturer, Ferrari, has announced the latest mid engine supercar from Maranello - the 488GTB. The 488GTB will aim to replace the 458 Italia, utilizing similar styling with the addition of twin turbos to the V8.

    Ferrari says the new berlinetta "brilliantly encapsulates Ferrariā€™s experience in both F1 and the WEC," as well as the know how gained by the XX programme. Ferrari claims this experience, and know how allows the electronic and vehicle control systems to make this very track-capable supercar one which can be handled by "non-professional" drivers during everyday use.

    Ferrari also says, "Its response times, nimbleness and on-the-limit driving guarantee a unique sense of exhilaration and unparalleled driving pleasure." Looking at the numbers, its easy to believe this statement. With an output of around 660HP and 560 ft/lbs of torque, the 488 was able to complete a lap of Ferrari's test track, Fiorano, in just 1 minute and 23 seconds, a full two seconds faster than the 458.

    In terms of aerodynamics the 488 boasts a 1.67 efficiency figure, the best of any production Ferrari to date, which is the result of 50% more downforce and less drag from the 458. The 488 also includes active aero and a blown spoiler in the rear.

    With a dry weight of just 1370kg, the 488 is capable of 0-100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 8.3 seconds, and on to a top speed of greater than 330 km/h

    The 458 has been known as one of the greatest and most popular supercars ever created, and it certainly appears the 488GTB is an improvement on that already astonishing platform. After winning its class in the last two editions of the 24 Hours of LeMans, the 458 has shown to be a true performer, I for one, can not wait to see what the 488 will bring.

    Check out the video

    Source: Ferrari.com
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  2. mystaaRS

    If you get a Quali Place, you can get a Race Pace

    Wow, great car, but it won't be easy to replace the 458 Italia, which was spectacular in itself. :thumbsup:

    It looks sleek from the corner views, and the seating inside and the Drive from within the Interior feels and looks superb!

    (Doing my own review it seems ;))
  3. Wow, beautiful. Also comes with a Thrustmaster TX wheel. Cool. :cool::thumbsup:

    The Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia FFB Wheel.
    Original Equipment for the new 488GTB.

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2015
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  4. Absolutely stunning!
  5. Meh...front is good, but it looks like someone got a little too clever with those rear vents on the side. Plus, those new door depressions look...ugh, it is really hard to like some of the lines on this car. Good news though for the 458, shows that perfection is very hard to top :notworthy:
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  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Made me laugh so hard. How cool would it be if they actually advertised it like that :)

    Fabulously looking exterior but the inside of the car: not my cup of tea.
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  7. Akis

    Over 9000 Premium

    Twin turbos eh? 8k rpm eh? Well Ferrari knows better than a random guy at a forum that wants to see the needle go OVER 9000 rpm :D
    Apart from that, I m speechless. It's a piece of art! It's like the 458 after some months of training at the gym. Kudos to Ferrari.
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  8. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Now it's about how fast you will get to that 8000 RPM :p
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  9. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Big HP increase and less does justify the faster numbers. The 458 was too perfect to make it a huge performance drop compared to its successor. That feels like a upgraded 458 speciale.
  10. Overall I like it but seems they ran out of design ideas for the front/hood.
  11. airutonpurosuto8912


    Looks similar to the 458 Italia.
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  12. twin turbos and only +90bhp over the original 458? Is it just me or should there logically be more than 90bhp extra?
  13. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    The displacement has also dropped from 4.5L to 3.9L. Even then it still is a bit light. I'd be willing to bet that that engine is running very relaxed and well within its limits.
  14. ooo. get to work kunos
    will make a nice addition to assetto corsa :geek:
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