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Ferrari sign Raikonen for 2017

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by paracletus, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Good decision by Ferrari, while Kimi is not as good as Hamilton and Rosberg, he's been very comparable to Vettel this year. Vettel may be slightly better right now but Kimi has been more consistent and he's not far enough behind Vettel to warrant replacing him.
  2. Azure Flare

    Azure Flare
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    I agree, but there is so much time left for him. Even though it's far too early to call it, 2017 could be his final season in F1.
  3. Too bad or Perez.
  4. fortyfivekev


    Well if the choice was really between Perez, Bottas, Grosjean and Kimi they probably
    chose wisely as none of the other three seem like the next Alonso or Hamilton so you might as well stick with what you know. Would have preferred them to take a chance and look for the next Max but guess that's not how Ferrari roll these days.
  5. Rodent


    Yay, the funniest duo in F1 remains intact.
  6. Never a dull moment with Kimi. :D
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  7. Ferrari, well as long as they refuse to step away from old habbits they never going to win a championship with all respect to Kimi but he is getting old and well he is just happy to have that seat and that's it. I prefer to have a driver in that seat that actually wants to prove himself. Just look at RBR for example how Max is pushing Ricciardo to greater limits. At this moment it even seems RBR has passed Ferrari. And now don't come to me that Kimi is doing not that bad this year, pace wise for majority of the races he is actually outperformed by Vettel and in some cases even pretty badly. Vettel just had a huge load of bad luck this year masking the true difference between them.

    Whilst I am not a Ferrari fan if I would have been head of the team I would have gotten either Max or Ricciardo as team m8 for Vettel. I would try to get Ross Brawn back onboard so he can lead the team together with James Allison and I would have attracted James Key for the technical department.

    Im skipping Adrian Newey and went straight for James Key since Newey will never leave RBR in a million years.:D
  8. Rodent


    Might change today but how do you figure RBR is ahead of Ferrari when they're behind them in the constructors championship and both Ferrari drivers have more points then the RBR drivers?
  9. cmon, ferrari are losers who do nothing but lose and sell merch and sign 4 time world champions who havent yet turned 30 and were far and away the only team sniffing mercedes jock going into this year. dont you see?? theyre content to just live off their fancy name and legacy. theyre ancient history now, just like they were before.
  10. Im talking about pace wise.:O_o:

    They trying to go that fast with that red car that it is falling apart.:ninja: