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Ferrari: Pull-outs not due to downturn

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ben Tusting, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Ferrari has suggested that the departure of Toyota, BMW and Honda from Formula 1 in the past year is due to the actions of the sport's bosses rather than the economic downturn.
    Toyota announced its decision to pull out of the world championship earlier today, citing the "current severe economic realities" as the reason for its abrupt exit.
    But an item published on Ferrari's official website argued that Toyota and its fellow car makers' decisions had been prompted by a 'war on manufacturers' in F1.
    "In reality the steady trickle of desertion is more the result of a war against the big car manufacturers by those who managed the sport, than the effects of the economical that affected Formula 1 over the last years," it read.
    The article reiterated Ferrari's belief that the independent teams that have been granted 2010 entries are not of the calibre of the manufacturer outfits.
    "Formula 1 continues losing important parts: over the last 12 months Honda, BMW, Bridgestone and this morning Toyota announced their retirements. In exchange, if one could call it that, Manor, Lotus [because of the team of Colin Chapman, Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna, to name a few, there is hardly more than the name], USF1 and Campos Meta arrived.
    "You might say 'same-same', because it is enough if there are participants. But that's not entirely true and then we've got to see if next year we'll be really as many in Bahrain for the first starting grid of the 2010 season and how many will make it to the end of the season."
    The piece also made a cryptic comparison between F1's situation and an Agatha Christie mystery novel, and urged the sport to take action against those responsible for the pull-outs.
    "It seems like a parody of Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians', published in England for the first time in the year 1939, but reality is much more serious.
    "In Christie's detective novel the guilty person is only discovered when everybody else is dead, one after the other. Do we want to wait until this happens or should we write Formula 1's book with a different closing chapter?"
    Ferrari's statement comes on a day when Renault - one of only three manufacturers left in F1 alongside Ferrari and Mercedes - is also evaluating its F1 future. The company is discussing its plans at an extraordinary meeting.

    Source Autosport

    I agree 100% with this statement, Manor, Campos pfft there formula 3 teams not f1 teams
  2. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin
    Premium Member

    The manafacturers are throwing their toys out of the pram because they cant win races, I welcome more independants because thats what the sport is about, not car companys who want to sell cars.
  3. If it were as Ferrari are stating then surely the installation of a new FIA president and administration would have at least made them wait around to see if that situation improved. Couple that to the fact that if it was the FIA's "war on manufacturers" surely those leaving would have had a parting shot at the perpetrators in their official statements or leaky press offices.

    More of the same flim-flam from Maranello, even with a Ferrari sympathetic President they are still trying to undermine the FIA's grip on the sport.

    I think the sentence handed out to Renault clearly shows that the FIA was desperate to keep the manufacturers. The backing down of the FIA over the sporting regs and the new concorde agreement was another indication of the FIA doing all it could to hold it all together.

    I agree with their view on the new teams, rare is the new entrant worthy of a place on the grid. Sauber and Jordan are the only two over the last 20 or so years to have had the right people and resources to have any credibility from the off. It took Honda to move BAR into the position where they could compete reasonably and that was despite them inheriting a good workforce and facilities off Ken Tyrell.
  4. Phew, I misread the title and saw "Ferrari pulls-out" :p
  5. lol
  6. sod the car makers.... they threw endless reserves of money at the game and still came away with nothing... well done you!

    independents are what made f1... and they are the common stable factor on the grid as the fickle manufacturers come and go... you won't be missed, kids :wave:
  7. totally agree mate. Formula 1 was at its best when independant teams still stood a chance of winning. The last time that was the case, Mansell was still driving in a Williams.....
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I hope the FIA will try once more to decrease the money teams may spend on their total budget. Of course those teams left because of the economic situation. Spending 300 million euro's per team per year is just insane!

    Less budget -> Less money Bernie needs to earn for the teams -> Lower entry fees for spectators -> normal people will be able to visit F1 again :thumb:
  9. Huh?!
    Brawn GP and RBR are independent teams.
  10. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    i find that Ferrari statement a bit funny cause they are the first against the cost reduction plans of the FIA and always try to go around it ( Massa testing in an old private F1 ). if the big manifacturers spend less to be in F1 they will be less incline to leave and it won't affect the independant team to stay or join the F1.
  11. I really don't care about manufacturer's involvement that much. I want to see good racing for SPORTING reasons, not for selling cars in Timpakook.

    Yes it's nice to have the history of Ferrari (who will never pull out, this their only form of marketing) and would be nice to have the history of Honda and to a certain extent BMW, but Toyota? Pffft, couldn't care less if the nouveau rich with no personality fail.

    And Ben, Manor and Campos are F3 teams? Well, yes they are, but they have to make the step up some time, look at Jordan, I bet you loved them.

    Look at the BTCC. The last few years have seen it get back to it's best and with just one manufacturer backed team. You don't need manufacturers. Very few get attached to a manufacturer, it is usually a team or driver (Ferrari exepted).

    For example, I have always had a soft spot for Williams but in the main I have followed drivers. Mansell, Villeneuve and Alonso. I had only indifference for Honda or Toyota.
  12. :tits: :)
  13. so how do you propose new teams get onto the f1 grid then tusto?
    what background would make someone credible for you?
    maybe black visor motorsport could step up? hohohohohohoho!
  14. Evans lol, Read the post above you again

    (Hi, I'm Andrew Evans; I'm a little bit gay in the face and I'm a pirate ARF)
  15. 2 can play at ninja editing.....
  16. I wish I could edit :(