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FERRARI old style

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Hans Pohle, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. My Ferrari-Version: a good dark red with old sponsors of Ferrari and the Number of the legendary gilles villeneuve from 1982 (the year of the dead of this great and crazy racedriver). the light red of the ferraris today is not my thing.

    FERRARI old style
  2. here any pictures FERRARI-1.jpg FERRARI-2.jpg FERRARI-4.jpg FERRARI-5.jpg FERRARI-6.jpg FERRARI-7.jpg

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  3. Look great but i think the main color dont reflect really a Ferrari car.... surely old Ferrari in 80s are more darker than today but i think you put it to dark. If we look at it without seeing any Ferrari logo on it, never we will think its a Ferrari, may be tweek a bit the color like above

  4. schifty: you are a hardliner :) - this is good. your works are very good and of this line.

    I am a artist - i make freestyle with old feeling and original sponsors of the time. a have see a original ferrari from the 50er in a english museum and a other from the sixtys in a italian museum: this cars have a very dark red colour.

    I have many good formel 1 books. i know: the most ferrari cars have this light red and i don`t like. sorry. when i the boss of ferrari - than have my racecars this nobel dark red with gold sponsors and logos.

    what is your next project? I am interested.
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  5. Look ,the 27...not really in the middle:O_o: :D
  6. cool :)
  7. Probably 1996 season and 1998 at the same time ^^
  8. Burgundy really gives this car and your Maserati a retro yet classy feel.:thumbsup:

  9. I see what you mean, this red colour is not the typical Ferrari red the world knows.
    On the other hand, this is a car being part of a Retro project.
    When you go back to the first Ferrari ever, the Ferrari 125 S, it's original red colour was as dark as we see on this Retro Ferrari version. Later on, Ferrari started to use the sort of red we are al used to. So, in that perspective, this retro version is really done well, with some historicly explaneble elements.

    On the other hand, yes I see your point. It doesn't instantly give you a "retro Ferrari feel".
    I guess a retro version with elements of Niki Lauda's 312T 1975 Ferrari would reflect more the Retro Ferrari feel we would expect. Instantly recognizable as a Ferrari, and still a very good retro feel to it, not to be found on the Ferrari's of nowadays :



    Love the dar red version anyway... just would love to see the Ferrari logo some brighter.