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Misc Ferrari LED Digi Light 1.0

New style LED Indicator

  1. zeno dyk submitted a new resource:

    [RD zeno] FERRARI LED DIGI LIGHT - New style LED Indicator

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  2. Thanks for job, Zeno!
    Looks nice and realistic )
  3. Will you make for mercedes?
  4. Yes, other teams will follow up.
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  5. Will this not work on all cars?,not just Ferrari.
  6. Once you apply my mod, all cars & teams will have the same color LED because there is only one simplefont for all teams, can't mod separately for different teams. No worries mate, other teams theme colors led are on its way very soon.
  7. Ahh I see,I knew about all teams using the mod once applied,await your forthcoming masterpieces,thank you.
  8. Welcome back,man and thanks. I'll try it in the Merc myself.;)
  9. Thanks, merc is on its way mate. :)
  10. Hi zeno and thank's for all your works and stuffs... I have one question.... If i put this file in my f1 2012 folder i lose the mercedes led digi light? Or there is one for Mercedes, one for ferrari and all others cars and i see different led for different cars? I hope you understand me, because my english is very very elementary..... Thanks again and keep it up :) :thumbsup:
  11. Yup, as I replied @roderick, once you use the ferrari LED theme color. All other teams will follow the same as yours. I have no choice to mod this way, because default codemaster did not make different cars with different LED. My intention is to let you guyz choose which ever F1 Team you drove for can use it on your Career. More other teams theme color LED will be out as soon as possible.
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