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Career Ferrari International GT Open Series 1.2

Adds the Ferrari International GT Open Series into Assetto Corsa

  1. menoh submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari International GT Open Series - Adds the Ferrari International GT Open Series into Assetto Corsa

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  2. Does this actually keep track of points like in a championship?
  3. Yes
  4. Hmm, the template used for the overview post looks very similar. :p

    EDIT: I don't mind of course. :)
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  5. Wonder about the track Barcelona/Catalunya circuit?
    I have that track but the folder is named "barcelona" and it,s an newer version!

    if it,s an older version of this track you are using?

    Maybe it would be better to point people in the right direction and they can have the latest one?

    Not critique just an suggestion! Great championship!
  6. do I just extract this into the ac install folder or to the ac carear folder
  7. Extract into the steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa
  8. yes I got it :) only one problem and its kunos side A.I RUN OUT OF FUEL :(
  9. Barcelona/Catalunya has better AI when start the race
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  11. which track?
  12. nurburgring gp but I find they run out in every large track in a 10 lap race
    ive been reporting it to kunos for some time now even showed them vids but nothing ever gets fixed
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  14. Just so you know it there is an known issue with the pits on Algarve
    one car will never leave as there is an hole and he get stuck there....

    Drive an lap or 2 in practice an you see him on the map rotating
    so you can`t skip practice and the same goes for qualify!

  15. Ok thanks. i removed event 8 portiamo :(
  16. So, how can i play all these championships? Since i'm only 17% into my career, i'm at tier 3 now. Is it possible for me to play anyway or do i have to complete my career first?
  17. just click it and play its already open :)